Pork is one of the most difficult meats to cook, and how to tell if pork is cooked thoroughly can be tricky! But here is some good news for Pork lovers; using a few techniques, you can easily check if Pork is cooked properly!

How to Tell if Pork Is Cooked?

Here are a few ways to check if Pork is cooked thoroughly.

Use Meat Thermometer

A Meat Thermometer is without a doubt a wonderful kitchen tool that tells the exact moment when the ingredients should be added or separated!

We know that Pork is cooked slowly and steadily! When you poke the meat thermometer into the meat, it will record the temperature of the insides, which makes it evident if the Pork should be cooked more or not.

The Ultimate Tell-By Touch

Touch is the traditional, and ultimate way to check if the Pork is cooked or not. When cooking the pork in the pan, just slightly press it to check if it is tender.

Make sure to give a bit of pressure while touching the meat- if the meat stays firm, that means it is not cooked properly yet, and if it is soft and tender and doesn’t tolerate much pressure and the meat starts tearing apart that means it is undoubtedly cooked well enough!

Checking the Texture

This method is similar to the tell by touch method. However, in this method, we slightly insert a knife in the meat to check the resistance. If the meat is well cooked and tender; the knife should go easily into the meat.

Toss and Tell

Another method to check if the meat is cooked or not is by appearance. Though you might think that this is not reliable like other methods, it is still a good way. When you toss and turn the sides of the Pork- check how it looks- do they look golden-brown from each side? Are any juices coming out of the meat if you cut them? If yes, then great! Your Pork is very well cooked!

Easy Tips to Cook Pork!

Some easy tips for cooking Pork thoroughly and easily are:

  • When purchasing Pork, check if it has cuts on it.
  • Before cooking Pork, cut the visible fat from it. It reduces the fat content to almost half.
  • To cook Pork thoroughly, use a low-fat cooking method- such as boiling, steaming, broiling, or steaming.

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How to tell the Pork is cooked without using a meat thermometer?

You can use your fingers or knife to check if Pork is cooked properly. If it’s properly cooked, it will be tender and juicy when you press your finger onto it, and the knife will find its way in without applying much force to it.

Should I cover Pork with foil while cooking?

When Pork shrinks, it starts losing its juices and becomes quite dry. So while roasting or cooking your Pork, it is better to cover it with aluminum foil or cover your baking pan- covering the Pork helps retain its juice and reduces shrinkage.