Potato soup is a healthy and warm meal packed with nutrition. Nobody likes their soup watery or runny. Whereas, a creamy and thick soup satisfied the tastebuds and soul.

How to Thicken Potato Soup?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to thicken potato soup;

Beginning From Scratch

One of the ideal ways to make a rich and thick soup is to cut back liquid ingredients. You can reduce the amount of broth, sauces, and water from your recipe.  Try to replace these liquid ingredients with thicker ones such as cream, yogurt, or starch.

Blend in a Few Pieces of  Bread

To thicken the potato soup, you can add a few pieces of mild-flavored bread while cooking. First, just soften the slices of bread and blend them to create a paste-like mixture. Then, add it little by a little while continuously stirring the cooking pot.

Adding Some More Potatoes

The main ingredient of potato soup is potatoes. To thicken the soup in an easy way, especially when you do not have other ingredients like bread or corn starch, just add more potatoes. Ensure that they are in the form of mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, or potato flakes to avoid lump formation.

Keep on adding until the soup reaches the ideal consistency. This technique also works if you make potato soup in an oven dish.

Use the Thickening Ingredients

  • The least demanding method for a creamy soup is to add thickening ingredients.
  • Add equivalent amounts of white wheat flour to the soup while it cooks and mixes until thicker.
  • You can also add roux; start by adding a little soup into the roux and mix it until it becomes thicker. Then add this thicker roux to the soup, stirring continually. (just like you make custard). Tip: Always remember not to add roux directly in the potato soup; otherwise, the soup will become lumpy. 
  • You can also add olive, margarine, fat, or other vegetable oil.
  • Cornstarch is also another thickening ingredient. Start by adding a few tablespoons  (according to the soup’s quantity) of cornstarch into a half cup of cold water and mix it until the cornstarch is fully dissolved. After that, add this mixture into the soup while stirring continually. Cook the soup at low flame for two to five minutes.
  • Cheddar cheese can also be used to thicken the soup and to add flavour to the potato soup. Stir it and Enjoy!

Add Rice or Lentils

You can mix rice and lentils to bring thickness to a soup. Cook them until they become tender, then mix them into the soup.

The Reduction Method

As the soup cooks, a portion of the liquid leaves the pot in the form of steam. To thicken potato soup without adding extra ingredients, allow it to stew for a longer period in the oven. Be mindful to keep the soup from burning or searing by mixing it frequently. To soften the potatoes, simmer the soup for a longer time.

How to Perform the Reduction Method Perfectly?

Equipments Needed

  •  Saucepan
  • Coldwater
  • Flour

To separate the ingredients from the broth, drain the broth. Then, cook the broth on the high burner until it starts boiling.

Step 1: To separate the ingredients from the broth, drain the broth. Then, cook the broth on the high burner until it starts boiling.

Step 2: Mix the desired amount of flour into cold water. Whisk the water and flour until it is completely dissolved. You can also use puree stew ingredients such as; carrots or potatoes as a thickening agent.

Step 3: Add this mixture into the boiling broth. Keep whisking the broth while adding this mixture to avoid forming the lumps.

Step 4: Stew the broth on a low flame for a few minutes. After that, add the stew ingredients back into the broth. Continue stirring until it turns into a thick and smooth texture.

Step 5: After finishing it, remove the stew from the heat and leave it cool for five minutes. This method allows the broth to become thicker.


A thick, creamy bowl of potato soup serves as a great starter at parties and family dinners. And if you are watching your calories, it provides you with a nutritional and fulfilling meal. Cook your soup to the consistency you like; there is no universal rule on how thick your potato soup should be!


What To Do If The Soup Is Not Thickening?

Below are some of the easiest steps that you can follow to make the potato soup thicker.

  • Add yoghurt or cream
  • Add mashed potatoes
  • Use a flour and butter paste
  • Add mashed potato flakes
  • Blend in bread
  • Add cornflour or flour 
  • Add lentils or rice

How To Thick The Soup Without Adding Calories?

You can thick the soup without adding calories by adding arrowroot flour, wheat flour, and rice flour. These have more carbohydrates and nutritions as compared to cornstarch.

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