An eye-catching green-colored drink, also known as Green-Eyed Monster. You can make a Fantastic Hulk Drink simply by using two equal parts of the ingredients. Yes, it’s that easy.

The legendary hulk drink was first created by a New York-based bartender named Victor Alvarez. Victor made this drink at the Hpnotiq launch event in 2003, and since then the amazing two-ingredient cocktail held its fame.

Like most of the cocktails, you get the liberty to be created and change this Hulk drink a bit. For example, you can change the color of the drink, however, this neon green color is the patent for this drink. The fact of the matter is that its green color gives it the name of “the Hulk Drink.” People who are into superheroes (such as avengers) would be able to refer to exactly what I am saying.

Fun Fact: This drink attracts more female than male drinkers!

As for the taste, it has an assertive, fruity flavor. Therefore, the drinkers with rich cocktail flavors preference likes it a lot.

About Hpnotiq

Hpnotiq is a drink that is made by blending fruity flavors, cognac, and vodka. Traditionally, Hpnotiq is a blue-colored blend but this incredible hulk drink exclusively offers a green concoction to it. It is famous for adding fruity flavors to a variety of cocktails. To enhance the color of your drink you can use more of Hpnotiq, but beware that excessive quantity might increase the tanginess in the drink.

Where Cognac gives the crisp taste to the Incredible Hulk Drink, Hpnotiq balances the flavor by making it tangy.

Hpnotiq Recipe


  • 2 oz Hpnotiq Original.
  • 2 oz Cognac.
  • Ice.


How to make it ?

    Here is how to make your drink.

    • In a glass, add ice.
    • Pour Cognac over the ice.
    • Pour Hpnotiq over (now watch the colour change in front of your eyes).

    Tips to Make an Incredible Hulk Drink

    • You can add a bit more Hpnotiq to make your drink greener.
    • It is easier to control the mixing of ingredients and get the desired outcome if you make the drink as separate servings.
    • The more it is chilled, the better it will taste. Add more ice to your drink.
    • Add more cognac to enjoy a stronger taste.
    • Serve like a pro by shaking it in a shaker and serving it chilled in a martini glass.


    You can try the following variations while making this incredible drink.

    • Make hulk drink shots by adding ½ ounce of hpnotiq and cognac to shot glasses.
    • Try different tastes by adding a few different drinks like gin, and vodka etc, to the drink.
    • Add different colors by adding different types of alcohol instead of cognac to hpnotiq.

    Recipes That Will Go Along

    Now, of course, that you are having this incredible drink, do you want something to munch on? Try these snacks and brunch recipes to transform this drink into a full-course meal.


    So now you can throw an Avengers-themed party without worrying about which drink to make. This drink will surely surprise your guests with its color as well as its taste. So, go, give it a try! And let us know your experience in the comments section below.