Tofu emerged as one of the most preferred food items for vegans in the past many decades. However, many consider it as a vegetable but is tofu vegan? This article will try to find out the answer to this very fundamental question about this protein-packed item.

Gone are the days when people were more inclined towards consuming meat products. Welcome to the world of millennials. Here, most people are more concerned about their health than any other previous generation ever was. The desire to consume organic food peaked in the 1960s when people strategically moved towards vegan food.

Is Tofu Vegan? Let’s Check Out!

No, tofu is not vegan; rather, it is known as a vegan-friendly food. It is made from the milk derived from beans and then thickened further into curd to form blocks or cubes. Although it is vegan-friendly, not all of them are recommended for vegans.

Despite a rise in its popularity in the 1960s, the truth is that tofu has been in use by the Chinese for over 2000 years. Japanese soon joined the bandwagon and found the liking for this amazing food. The popularity spread further across South East Asia, including Koreas, Vietnam, Thailand, and soon it became one of the most popular staple foods in the South East Asian region.

As far as its taste is concerned, tofu comes with a neutral flavor that makes it just about the perfect ingredient to mix with different Asian dishes. Its ability to blend with different vegetables and noodles further adds to the popularity of Tofu beyond East Asia.

Different Types of Tofu

Tofu comes in many shapes and sizes. It is used differently in many countries. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types and forms of Tofu.

i. Super Firm Tofu:

Take out moisture from Tofu, and you find it in the super firm shape. This way, it becomes the best alternative to meat for vegetable lovers.

ii. Firm Tofu:

If you’re based in the South East Asian region, you will mostly find Tofu in firm shape. Vendors generally keep it fresh by putting it in water. If you’re a feta cheese lover, you will love its taste because it is pretty similar to feta cheese. Moreover, you can always mix it with several dishes and recipes while you experiment in your kitchen. You can always serve Tofu with other dishes such as roasted cauliflower curry etc.

iii. Extra Firm Tofu:

As mentioned earlier, you take moisture out, and you find a super or extra firm Tofu. This type of Tofu is generally used for dishes that require deep frying, stir, or pan-frying. Since it doesn’t contain much water, don’t expect it to absorb any of the marinades you want to use. Moreover, it is always a pocket-friendly option, especially for those looking to shed those extra pounds off their body.

iv. Regular Tofu:

A regular Tofu is generally a softer version of the product, but still, it holds its form a lot better than silken Tofu. Tofu in common form is usually used in cooking stews, broths, and soups.

v. Silken Tofu:

A silken Tofu, also known as unpressed, is the one with the highest amount of moisture, which makes it creamy and soft. Its delicacy makes silken Tofu consumed in smoothies while it is also used to make different baking products.

Known Tofu By-Products

The immense popularity of Tofu worldwide has resulted in finding various of its by-products rather easily at the leading superstores and markets. Some of the most popular Tofu by-products may include Tofu Puffs, Fried Tofu, Tofu Skin, Tofu Pockets, and Tofu Sticks. Some of the other Tofu by-products are Processed Tofu, Fermented Tofu, Frozen Tofu, Seasoned Tofu, and Smoked Tofu. So, you can easily incorporate Tofu in many dishes, and even if you don’t wish to eat it, you can still go for Chinese Spanish Noodles or Organic Brown Rice.

What’s Impure Tofu?

As we know that the soybeans and water are the only two ingredients of soy milk, which means it is exactly what a vegan person would love to eat. However, as mentioned above, not all Tofu products are vegan-friendly. For vegans to consume Tofu, it has to be pure and unprocessed. In addition, some of the Tofu products or by-products have additional animal products, which is why they are not well suited for vegans.

The Final Word

The transition from non-veg to vegetation isn’t a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a drastic change from eating meat to enjoying vegetables. However, Tofu is a perfect food to help you make this transition a lot easier than otherwise.

So before asking is Tofu vegan, I would like you to imagine the immense benefits of welcoming a whole new world of food options in your cuisine. What’s more? you don’t have to consume extra water with Tofu, which is the case with the Keto diet. So, it is time to say hello to vegan food and give your life the desired twist it needs.