Lime Liquors are simply regular liquors with added lime juice, sugar, and vodka. However, comparatively lime liquors are versatile when it comes to the usage part; it sure is a multipurpose liquor. Although, they can be great standalone after-party drinks; you can also serve lime liquors as an added lime flavor ingredient to enhance any drink’s brew. Several popular beverage companies make and sell high-quality lime liquors.

How to Make Lime Liquor at Home


  • Vegetable brush.
  • Vegetable peeler.
  • Large bottle with a cap.
  • Strainer.
  • Cheesecloth.


  • 9 Limes.
  • 2 cups Sugar.
  • 1 bottle Vodka. (17-50 ml)
  • 2 cups Water.


  • Scrub the limes with the Vegetable brush to remove all the dirt, then pat them dry.
  • Now, only leaving the white pith of the lime, peel off the outer layers from all the limes. Not to use the pith as they will make the liquor bitter. Keep the peels in the empty bottle.
  • Pour the Vodka over the lime peels into the bottle and then place the cap on the bottle.
  • Now, you have to keep the bottle for four weeks- in that time, Vodka will take on the flavor of lime and turn into yellow color.
  • After four weeks, put water and sugar in a pan and bring them to a boil. Cook until the sugar is completely dissolved and turns into a Simple Syrup.
  • Now pour that simple syrup over the Vodka and let it rest for another 5 weeks.
  • Now, strain the lime peels from the liquor using the Cheesecloth and strainer.

Your flavorful lime liquor is ready to drink and serve!

    Classic Lime Liquors Recipes!

    Lime liquors are great by themselves, however, it would be a great idea to know a couple of recipes to prepare with them.

    • Classic Daiquiri: Classic Daiquiri is the most famous lime cocktail. You can make it by mixing lime liquor, rum and simple syrup together.
    • Classic Margarita: How can we forget one of the most popular lime cocktails?- Classic Margarita! This Margarita is just perfect in its simplicity; made by mixing tequila, lime juice and cointreau. In addition, To keep its legacy, serve it on the rocks!
    • Classic Mojito: Classic Mojito is another famous lime drink! You can make this by mixing lime liquor, rum and fresh mint together. This drink is famous for beautifying parties.
    • Gin Gimlet: Gin Gimlet lime cocktail of the 1930s! This classic drink features lime juice, simple syrup and gin. Another perfect drink for parties!
    • Dark and Stormy Cocktail: You only need three ingredients to make a Dark and a stormy cocktail! Mix up rum, lime liqueur and ginger beer, and you would have to yourself a classic rum cocktail.

    When to Serve Lime Liquors?

    By now we know that lime liquors serve as a key ingredient in making cocktails, margaritas, and several other drinks. You can serve these drinks as;

    • Cocktails
    • Party drinks
    • Guys and girls night drinks
    • Thanksgiving drinks

    Some Delicious Recipe Recommendations for You!