Luxardo Liqueur enchants you with its depth and layers of exotic flavors. Undoubtedly! it’s the best treat to admire after meals.

The Excelsior’s Narrative

This is quite a story to share! It all began in 1821, when Girolamo Luxardo was posted as a counselor of the Kingdom of Sardinia to Zara, Dalmatia. His wife was particularly intrigued by the “Rosolio Maraschino”, a liqueur of the medieval times, having a blend of cherry distillate, sugar, and rose infusion. Furthermore, it was a specialty in Dalmatia where these homemade cordials were consumed after the meal.

Girolamo started a distillery and, after 8 years, came up with a liqueur that raised the bar. The Emperor of Austria gave a special ‘Privilege’ to this outclass product. The firm proudly bears the denomination of, “PRIVILEGIATA FABBRICA MARASCHINO EXCELSIOR”, till date. The Maraschino liqueur became so popular that the Luxardo family began to diversify the beverage.

Luxardo Today

The Luxardo Legacy continues with the seventh generation merging tradition with modern methods of production. In addition, it has won numerous awards and silver medals from Beverage Testing Institute-USA, London Spirit Competition, and World Wine and Spirits Competition.

The Sparkling Variations

Despite producing a variety of flavors, the image of Luxardo as an iconic green bottle wrapped in hand-plaited straw has never changed. In addition, it offers almost 15 variants to choose from.

● Luxardo Maraschino Originale – Miss Prestigious

Unlike other maraschinos, the Luxardo Maraschino is distilled from the Marasca Cherries. It sits in the larch wood vats with the infusion of alcohol along with the leaves of the same tree for about 3 years. But that’s not it; after distillation, it stays in ashwood vats for some more time. The final part is adding a simple syrup of sugar and water to lower the alcohol percentage.

Undoubtedly! It’s a festival of flavors in your mouth. Starting with a splash of alcohol, the crunchiness of almonds, the warmth of vanilla coincide with the acidity of cherries, leaving a slightly bitter yet pleasing aftertaste. It has a clear color and serves best in the “Aviation Cocktail”. The alcohol content is 32% ABV.

● Luxardo Maraschino Perla Dry –The Status Quo

Old is Gold! We’ve all heard this phrase, and it fits perfectly to describe this delicacy. The Maraschino Perla Dry was last produced in the 1970s and still bought a lot of joy in 2021 with this strictly limited edition release. This limited edition was to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Luxardo. But, unfortunately, getting hold of this prestigious drink is hard due to the limited quantity available.

Imagine sipping a 50-year-old marasca cherry distillate. The term ‘dry’ in the name of this drink refers to its lesser sugar content; it is crystal clear, having a very strong smoky flavor like thick cherry paste with pepper. Furthermore, the alcohol percentage it offers is 40% ABV.

● Cherry Sangue Morlacco –The more the merrier

While Maraschino was privileged by the Emperor, the Cherry Liqueur got its name, “Sangue Morlacco” by Gabriele D’Annunzio in the 1900s. The Luxardo Cherry Liqueur has been a staple ever since its production. Cherry Liqueur production takes cherries destoning and soaking in the syrup made of Marasca juice. Finally, it goes through the process of fermentation to age.

Holding the intense red color from cherries; this thick liqueur tastes velvety yet sharp. Secondly, its uniqueness comes from Marasca syrup and leaves an aftertaste of dark chocolate, vanilla, and orange marmalade. It has 30% ABV.

● London Dry Gin –The Botanical Garden

Craving for botanical booze! Pick up London Dry Gin with nine plant extracts from bitter oranges, cardamom, cinnamon, cinchona, angelica, licorice, iris, coriander, to juniper. Production of London Dry Gin takes soaking the organic extracts in alcohol for twenty-four hours and refining it for nineteen days. Furthermore, it goes through a filtration process to becomes the legend London Dry Gin.

With 43% ABV, it goes best with “Gin & Tonic”. In addition, Dry Gin has a clear appearance, with juniper overpowering the other flavors. The term ‘dry gin’ means no added sweetness and no artificial flavoring.

● Sambuca – The Perfect Aperitivo

Is your mood calling for herbs?

Sambuca comes in handy with anise star, herbs, spices, sugar, and pure volcanic spring water. A heads up to all the coffee lovers, this drink is ideal with coffee. Try adding 3 beans of coffee to enjoy the  Italian flavor. You can also enjoy flavors like Sambuca with Raspberry and Passione Nera Sambuca with licorice, both having 38% alc. by vol.

The Happy Ending

Get the perfect booze with Luxardo Liqueur cocktails. Try Improved Last Word, Luxi Style, Daiquiri, Martinez, Old Fashioned, and Crust. Put some kind of cheese and dark chocolate by its side to get the Oomph factor. Then, just drizzle the liqueur over your ice cream or fresh cherries, and get ready to be high.

So put your hands up in the air and dance through to, The Music of Life!

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