Before we get into talking about Mimosas Glasses, we must recall what kind of a drink a Mimosa is? Mimosas are a mix of two and are a fine quality Champagne and a citrus blend, which is an Orange juice in many cases. However, you may change the citrusy part of your drink and add anything you like in place of it.

Mimosas are usually served at parties, weddings, and mainly airlines the first class or business class. However, people sure do love their Mimosas.

Mimosas Glasses

The best kind of glasses in which Mimosas are served is Champagne flutes. These Mimosas Glasses save you the hassle of measuring the drink’s ingredients before you pour them in.

To make the drink, all you need to do is fill 2/3rds of the glass with good quality Champagne and then fill the rest with Orange juice or Pineapple juice or any other you like.

The bartender may garnish it with fruits or herbs or cover the glass sides with Coconut. There are endless things that you can do with a Mimosa.

Types of Champagne Flutes

Following are the type of Champagne flutes or Mimosas Glasses that you can use to pour in and drink your Mimosas;

Champagne Flutes

These flutes are the type of Mimosas glasses that can be easily identified. They are tall and narrow and have a long stem with which you hold the glass. Once you pour in the drink, the bubbles rise to the top. This provides you the aroma of the drink and helps to get the most of the drink’s flavor.

The bubbles on the top give a sparkly look to the glass from a distance as well. Undoubtedly, these are becoming more and more common and famous in today’s time.

Champagne Coupes

Champagne coupes are another type of Mimosas Glasses that are commonly used. They also go by Champagne saucers as they have a wide opening rim and a short stem to hold the glass. This gives them a saucer-like appearance. These are shallow glasses that were very popular for drinking any cocktail. However, they have been succeeded by the Champagne flutes. These can be perfect for Mimosas as well. Especially at parties.

Champagne Tulips

The last type of Mimosas glasses is the Champagne tulips. These are just like the flutes but differ in the rim. These types of glasses have a wide bowl to pour the drink in.

These are mainly used in fancier parties and get-togethers.

Advantages of Plastic Mimosas Glasses

As we know, Champagne glasses are used for serving Mimosas; these glasses are made up of a mix of plastic and glass, which is advantageous. Let’s see why:

  1. Resistance
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Disposable
  4. Easy maintenance
  5. Safe

Resistance: Not many people consider drinking their Mimosas or any other drink for that matter in a mixed glass. However, these glasses are best when serving drinks at a huge party where glasses do tend to break. The best part about these plastic glasses is that they do not break easily, no matter how much they fall. Not even a crack.

Many people do not consider drinking in these glasses, mainly the hard-core wine lovers, but we suggest you use these for parties and large get-togethers.

Inexpensive: Like authentic Wine or Champagne glasses, these glasses are not pricey at all. So, even if they do break, you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune on getting another set of these as they are cheap to buy.

Disposable: You can dispose of these glasses if there’s a crack in them or they’ve gone bad or even if they break. However, they don’t have a long life as they’re mainly made of plastic.

Easy Maintenance: These glasses are easy to maintain and clean as well. As it is impossible that they break, you can wash them all together, and they still won’t crack or break. Thus easy cleaning and maintaining.

Safe: These are very safe to use, and that is clear to us by now. Furthermore, they are made of plastic; thus, there is very little chance that they bruise you.

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