The Potent Concoction

Although the origin of this drink is unknown this drink will definitely make your brain freeze. You won’t be carried away by one glass as it is not as strong as other cocktails. But the layered texture won’t let you stop with one. Hence the name is driven by the fact that it will trick you into drinking more until you feel you’ve got wings.

The Preparation Guide

The Mind Eraser Drink is a classy cocktail of the 80s. It is a quick three-ingredient cocktail consisting of Kahlua (coffee liqueur), soda water, and vodka, all mixed up in equal proportions, let’s say 1 oz. each. It has only 160 calories so get ready to slurp with a free mind.

The Shaky Version

This one doesn’t need any mixology expertise neither does it require pro bartending skills. All you’ve got to do is put all the three ingredients in a shaker along with ice and give it a nice shake. Then pour it out in an old-fashioned glass or a skinny shot glass.

Grab your bar stools to make the night young with the Mind Eraser shots. Erase all the worries and just be you for the rest of the night.

The Layered Version

Layered cocktails are more eye-catching and enhance the slurping experience. This stacked appearance comes from liqueurs with different densities. To achieve these layers correctly in the Mind Eraser Drink, fill the glass with ice. Then use the Kahlua, the densest liqueur for the bottom layer.

Pour out the vodka for the middle layer but remember to use the back of a spoon to slow down the pouring process. Once it settles down, drizzles the soda water in a similar way using the spoon. Here you have it, your perfectly layered Mind Eraser. Imbibe it with a straw to give attention to every layer and do not stir to retain those layers.

Deceptively Strong Flavor

This cocktail gives a sweet, zesty yet a bit dry flavor with coffee undertones. The alcohol percentage is ABV 19%-20%. The flavor is defined by the ingredients as each plays its unique role in creating this tempting drink.

  • Kahlua

This ingredient can be enjoyed in various cocktails or neat on the rocks. It is a combination of caffeine, rum, and sugar. A dark brown drink with no dairy at all! It is the ideal dressing for desserts like cheesecakes and scrumptious when drizzled on your favorite ice cream. This gives the coffee-like after-taste to your Mind Eraser Drink.

  • Absolut Vodka

Vodka comes from the word “voda”, which means water in the Russian language. The interesting fact is that it is lighter than water. Adding this to your cocktail will boost the alcohol level and make you tipsy before you realize it’s too late to stop.

  • Soda Water

This sparkling water adds fizz to your drink; the carbonation makes the concoction appear bubbly. So get ready to enjoy an effervescent version of coffee by adding soda water.

The Contrasting Descendants

The stack for vodka is filled with hydrogel balls of different colors, contrasting color
  • Colorado Bulldog

It is fascinating how adding or subtracting an ingredient can turn things around in a drink. The Colorado Bulldog is a combination of 2 parts vodka and 1 part Kahlua with added cream and a splash of cola. This carbonated creamy blend is worth a try for vodka cocktail lovers.

  • Black Russian

Now, this counterpart is similar to the Mind Eraser Drink. You require vodka and coffee liqueur of your choice. The soda water is replaced by cola in Black Russian. Fill your tumbler or the old-fashioned glass with loads of ice and add vodka then pour out Kahlua and add cola for that perfect fizz. Don’t forget to garnish with a maraschino cherry.

  • Classic White Russian

This drink gets you confused between a dessert and a beverage. For this, you will take 2 ounces of vodka and 1-ounce coffee liqueur. Pour out in a highball glass fully chilled with clear ice cubes. Add in an ounce of heavy cream. Stir well until you see the swirling pattern as the cream sinks into the vodka. Those watching out calories can switch the cream with milk.

The Numbing Rush

 No matter what the occasion is, the numbing factor of the Mind Eraser Drink makes it a highlight of your party scene. The layered texture entices you to slurp each layer and watch it disappear; while you go down the memory lane and remember next to nothing. So live for the moment and enjoy every bit of it.

Happy Cocktailing!

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