Onion: A Versatile Ingredient!

Yes, we know that it is hard to believe that there could be a substitute for Onion! However, Onion is one of the main ingredients in many recipes, so it is always present in the pantry. But if you ever run out of Onion or need to cook something quickly- worry not; you can easily use an Onion Substitute!

Onion is considered a staple of every cuisine and is also referred to as a global ingredient. It consists of many types- you can say that there is a separate Onion family! Onion adds flavors to every dish, but it also consists of iron and zinc, making it an extremely healthy vegetable!


Best Onion Substitute!

Running out of onions and having no time to go to the market? Worry not- we will tell you about some amazing Onion Substitutes, which we know you will be surprised to learn! So let’s save yourself a trip to the grocery store and use these substitutes for onion instead:


 Shallots are a bit different from Onion, but they are considered their type. They are in golden brown color and provide a sweeter Onion flavor and also a hint of garlic. Having a mild Onion flavor, Shallots are mostly used in salads and dressings.



Chives are a good substitute for Onion, as they contain a mild onion flavor. In addition, they are herbs- consisting of edible flowers and leaves. Chives are used in multiple dishes already. Use 3-4 tablespoons of Chives in place of 1 Onion.

Bell Peppers


 There are many types of Bell Peppers, and each has a different flavor and taste. For instance, the green ones have the closest yet slightly bitter, Onion flavor. You can easily use Bell Peppers instead of Onion. Use two cups of Bell Peppers in place of one Onion.



 Scallions are considered a good substitute for Onion- as they are one of Onion’s types and consist of mild Onion flavor. They are also known as Spring Onions or Green Onions. Use 3 tablespoons of chopped Scallions in place of 1 Onion.

Onion Powder


 Onion Powder is made with ground Onions and is considered a good substitute for Onion. However, it has the same flavor as Onion but is a bit stronger because it has a sweet and savory flavor at the same time. It is mixed in some spices and also used as a seasoning.



 You can easily use chopped Leeks instead of chopped onions. It will enhance the flavor of the dish even better. Leeks have a mild and mixed onion and garlic flavor- considered more sophisticated and flavourful than Onion!


Another substitute for Onion is Fennel! It looks like an Onion, and when it is cooked, it tastes much similar to an Onion. However, raw Fennel consists of a different taste. Fennel is also a good option for people who have an Onion allergy. Fennel is mostly used in soups and stews- and no doubt they taste delicious!



Another good substitute for Onion is Celery! Though it doesn’t taste like Onion, its raw crunchy texture is similar to Onion. It is mainly used in soups. Celery is also a good option for people with having Onion allergies.

How to Store Onion?

It is really easy to store onions- either chopped or full! You can keep the Onions in a basket and keep them in your kitchen. Onions can stay good for more than two weeks- but make sure to keep them in a dry place(they shouldn’t get wet as the onions will become bitter). As for the chopped onion, keep it in an airtight box in the refrigerator; it will stay good for 3-4 days!

Some Tips to Prepare Onions

When used raw:

To decrease the intensity of raw onions, soak them in Saltwater or cold water for 5-10 minutes and then use them as per the recipe.

First peel, then slice and dice the Onion. It is a quick and easy way to make onions!

To cook:

  • Always cook onions on medium heat.
  • While cooking, stir them after a few minutes until they become soft.
  • Always cook the onions until they are deeply golden brown.

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