The Fruit of Paradise

Although many myths exist about the origin of a pomegranate, most religions consider it a sacred fruit growing in seventh heaven.  Christians think it was found in the Garden of Eden, whereas Iranians eat pomegranate as a custom on Yalda Night, also called Shab-e Yalda, the longest night of the year. They do so to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness and as a gesture to welcome the winters.

The “Chinese Apple,” an alternate name given to a pomegranate, has a fascinating history. Its cultivation dates back to the 14th century along the Mediterranean region. Some say it came from Iran to the Himalayas in India. The Latin pomegranate version is “pomum granatum” or “malum granatum,” meaning an apple with numerous grains.

Pomegranate Arils vs. Seeds

Pomegranate has been considered a superfood since ancient times. The crimson, pulpy, bead-like clusters found inside the hard outer layer are known as pomegranate arils. Of course, these make you go nuts while taking them out, but after all, it’s worth the effort. The arils surround the white seeds, which are edible as well.

If you don’t know how to pass the time, start counting the number of seeds.  However, researchers have found out that a pomegranate has between 600-1,000 seeds to make your life easy.

DIY Methods for getting arils

1.     The Orthodox Way

Chop off the crown of the pomegranate. Now with your knife, make marks on the skin in quarters, right from the bottom upwards. Pull apart the sections, take each section, bend it over and scoop out the fleshy pomegranate arils in a bowl. Remove the white skin that tags along. You’re ready to indulge in a tangy-sweet treat that will rejuvenate your body and be eye candy.

2.     The Hard-Rock Method

Let’s practice a vibrating drum beat to spread out those arils easily in our bowl. All you’ve got to do is cut vertically through the pomegranate, making it half. Now try to make equal-sized cuts about an inch, each managing the depth not more than an inch too. Try spreading out the fruit sections but not pulling them apart.

Now put it upside down in your palm and smack the top with a spoon as if having a jamming session. You’ll see how the juicy red clusters fall out for you to devour. Get your vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin E intake by this fun and easy to do drumming practice.

3.     The Hassle-Free Method

This begins by cutting off the crown and dividing the pomegranate into sections cutting through deeply. Grab a bowl of water and put the sections in it; use your fingers for popping out the pomegranate arils. Just strain out the water and enjoy the freshness while improving your memory. Pomegranates are known to enhance learning and memory performance due to the presence of polyphenols.

Pomegranate Arils for Wellbeing

This fruit has been praised for medicinal value; let’s look into how we can benefit from it.

● The Youthful You

It is said that a glass of red wine and a cup of green tea three times a day can bring back your youth. But did you know that a pomegranate has three times the antioxidants found in both wine and green tea? So make better choices and look like a dream.

● Beat Cancer

Studies have shown that intake of pomegranate arils, be it with a spoon or in the form of a juice, helps prevent cancer. In addition, even peel extract is said to have a cure for prostate cancer because of high amounts of polyphenol.

● Say Goodbye to Chronic Diseases

Diabetes and chronic heart disease can be reduced with the regular consumption of pomegranate. It manages cholesterol levels and reduces plaque growth in arteries.

There is a famous proverb, “A healthier heart leads to a healthier mind.”

● Own Good Bones

Perform better in sports and exercise like never before. A pomegranate helps reduce oxidative damage during exercise. The flavonols found in it decrease inflammation, thus hindering various types of arthritis.

The Bottom Line

Now that we are on the same page about how pomegranates are life-changing let’s make them a part of our diet. Don’t stress too much about unboxing these tiny red jewels as you can now find pomegranate arils in the aisles of all supermarkets near you. So opt for fresh, frozen, or dried pomegranate arils; they all do good to your health.

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