Sake, also known as “Rice Wine” is an alcoholic beverage that is made by fermenting rice. The sake is light in color and has a sweet flavor. It contains around 14-16% of alcohol and is less strong than whiskeys and vodkas. You can either use beer or wine to make sake cocktails. On the other hand, sake is naturally gluten-free and contains amino acids, so, we know that it’s not only soothing but is naturally good for health.

A Perfect Beginning for Summers!

The Japanese alcoholic beverage, sake is refreshing and contains subtle fruit and floral extracts, which makes it phenomenal for the base of a cocktail. In addition, they are excellent for impressing guests and also perfect for summers. Best to serve as a summer, happy hour, party, or signature drink!

A Modern Take on the Traditional Beverages

Being less stronger and alcoholic than wines and vodkas; it is the best choice to mix in cocktails. Let’s learn some popular and easy recipes:

  • Seishu Martini: This citrus martini is a real game-changer. Mix dry vermouth, sake, and lemon bitters for a zingy twist.
  • Sakura Smash: Sakura smash is a fruity cocktail made by adding plum sake, cherries, mint leaves, lemon, and pomegranate juice together.
  • Kir Imperiale: If you love the sweet and sour blackcurrant chassis, then try this royal Kir Imperiale; the cocktail made with sparkling sake.
  • Soul Reviver Cocktail: In the mood for a classic cocktail? Then soul reviver cocktail is for you! It is made by combining plum sake, dry vermouth, and lemon juice.
  • Kanpai Colada: This cocktail takes a traditional colada with a splash of sake and mango cordial. It is an ideal summer cocktail.
  •  Honjozo Highball: As the name suggests, it is a unique yet flavourful cocktail. Add green apple, ginger, and sake to it. It is a super refreshing cocktail!
  • Strawberry Sake Cocktail: The delicious strawberry sake cocktail is made by adding strawberries, lemon juice, and sake together. It is a perfect party and picnic cocktail!

The Perfect Way to Serve

Sake Cocktails are ideal for parties and festive meals. They are usually served with appetizers or as welcome drinks. The best thing is that there are a gazillion sake cocktail recipes, and you can be as creative as you want to be while using it. If you are confused about what to serve with your cocktails; check out these amazing ideas.

  • Tortillas and Nachos
  • Chicken or Buffalo Wings
  • Crispy Potato Chips
  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Sushi

Sake VS Wine Cocktails

Yes! Sake cocktails are sweeter than wine, due to its fruity extracts. Not only this, but they also contains more calories than wine. For Example; A glass of sake cocktail contains 100-105 calories; whereas, a glass of wine contains around 83 calories.

Serving Tips for Sake Cocktails

  • Serve sake cocktail in an old-fashioned/classic/traditional glass or a wine glass.
  • You can always add more ice in the sake cocktails.
  • For garnishing, add lemon wedges or mint leaves on the top of the cocktails.

Mouth-Watering Recommendations!