Are you a sucker for chocolate desserts like me? I hope you are as today I bring you one of the most delicious and gorgeous looking chocolate-based dessert recipes that you would want to eat every day.

It’s creamy, rich, chocolaty with a surprising ingredient, Tofu. But, on top of all that, it is also a no-bake dessert.

What more could you ask for? It’s a dream come true for people like me. But, still, thinking about what it is? Yes, that’s right, today is Silken Tofu and Chocolate Mousse Pie day. Yaay!  I have been considering sharing this recipe for a long time, and today the day has finally arrived. So, let’s talk about the dessert in detail.

Silken Tofu and Chocolate Mousse Pie

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 12 People
Calories 315 kcal



  • 1.5 Cup Raw pecans.
  • 4 Gram crackers, broken up.
  • ½ Cup Maple sugar.
  • 1.5 tbsp coconut oil (or any unsalted butter).
  • Pinch of salt.


  • 2 12 ounces silken Tofu.
  • Cup Pure maple syrup.
  • 1 Cup Semi-sweet chocolate chips.


Making the crust

  •  Put Pecan (or walnuts) into a food processor and pulse until they are finely crushed and set it aside in a bowl.
  • Next, break the graham crackers, add them to the food processor along with a pinch of salt. Pulse until finely crushed.
  • Then add the coconut oil and pulse it again for a few seconds
  • Now mix the crushed graham cracker and crushed pecan mixture in a bowl until wholly unified.
  • The mixture should be moist enough to retain its shape. If not, add a few drops of water.
  • Take a pie pan and transfer the crust to it. Press it gently, spreading and creating a layer by tapping your fingers until the bottom is thoroughly and evenly covered.
  • Make sure that the crust is not overly thin or too thick.

Making the filling

  • Firstly, melt the chocolate on a double boiler or put it in the 325-350degrees preheated oven for a few minutes until melted. You can also micro wave the chocolate.

Note: Remember not to cook the chocolate. You only just need to melt it.

  • Next, add the Tofu to the food processor, followed by the melted chocolate.
  • Also, add the maple syrup and a pinch of salt to balance the flavor.
  • Pulse it finely until the mixture turns silky smooth.
  • Now pour or scoop the mixture into the pie pan and spread and fill it evenly.
  • To enhance the flavor profile, you can add whipped cream or some fresh fruits (like strawberry) on top.
  • Finally, put it in the fridge and set it for at least 45 minutes to an hour.

Tada, the world's yummiest dessert, is ready to be served. I hope you like it

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    All About the Silken Tofu and Chocolate Mousse Pie

    I was first introduced to this pie by a friend, and since that day, Silken Tofu and Chocolate Mousse Pie have been my go-to dessert. It is best suited for vegan people. There is no dairy involved in the recipe, making it like a gem found in the coal.

    The pie takes a tad more time than expected to make, but it is relatively the easiest for the effort.

    It has a few ingredients that most of you always have at home, and there are only several steps to follow before your pie is ready.

    The texture of the pie and the crust form a union like no other. The crunchiness of the crust cuts through the sweetness of the maple syrup, giving a pleasant feel to the mouth. The surprising element helps make the mousse’s texture extraordinarily creamy and allows the pie to keep its shape. 

    How Many Calories In Silken Tofu And Chocolate Mousse Pie?

    There are about 315 calories in one slice of Silken Tofu and Chocolate Mousse Pie, while there are approximately 36.1 grams of carbohydrates and 27.7 grams of sugar.


    Which Chocolate To Use?

    When it comes to chocolate in my desserts, I mostly prefer the semi-sweet ones. I love them for their rich flavor profile, and their mild sweetness brings substantial balance to the meal. In this recipe, I’m also using semi-sweet chocolate chips. Nevertheless, you can use chocolate bars or any other chocolate that you like.  There is always room for experiment.


    Why Use Maple Syrup?

    Maple syrup enhances the flavor. It brings in sweetness and also helps with the smoothness of the mousse. However, that’s not all that it does. There are numerous health benefits of it.

    It contains about twenty-four antioxidants that help reduce free radical damage leading to many chronic diseases and inflammation. It also improves digestion and is exceptionally beneficial for skin health. 


    All About The Tofu

    Tofu or bean curd is one ingredient that sets this dessert apart. It works like magic and helps in creating silky-smooth mousse for the pie.  Though, taste and texture are not all that it serves. There are numerous health benefits of using Tofu.  It is an excellent source of protein and also carries the nine essential amino acids. It also provides iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, and vitamin B1. It’s like a hidden treasure.

    How to Store Silken Tofu and Chocolate Mousse Pie

    I am glad to tell you that you can keep Silken Tofu and Chocolate Mousse Pie for about a week or two in the refrigerator. There is no worry to eat the whole thing right away unless you want to. Trust me; there is no pressure.

    Tips to Make Silken Tofu and Chocolate Mousse Pie

    • Drain and dry the tofu before using it.
    • Crush graham cracker and pecan/walnut separately. It helps to form an even better texture.
    • Try freezing the pie instead of refrigerating. The frozen pie gets set quicker and keeps its shape for longer. All you need is to take it out of the freezer 10-15 minutes before eating, and there you go.
    • Don’t wanna use graham cracker crust? You can opt to choose any other crust or even a shortbread. It’s all up to you.