Simple Syrup is a sweet liquid that is made by dissolving sugar in water. Yup, that simple it is! You can also call it liquid sugar or sugar Syrup. The best thing about this syrup is that it is free of artificial flavors and colors-unlike other syrups.

Simple Syrup is the key ingredient of many cocktails and ice drinks because it is easy to mix into cold beverages rather than regular sugar. People use this syrup as per their recipe requirement; even the sweetness and texture of the syrup also go by user preferences. For example; thin and medium simple syrup is used in cocktails,  while the thick syrup is perfect for desserts, sundaes, fountain drinks and can also be used as a glaze.

Simple Syrup Substitute

Let’s learn about the simple syrup substitute and their respective replacement quantities;

Maple Syrup

The best simple syrup substitute is maple syrup! You might think that maple syrup will add the maple flavor to the cocktail, but it’s not true; rather, it will add a subtle sweet flavor. Use maple syrup in the same amount as simple syrup, required in the recipe.


Another good substitute for simple syrup is Honey! If you are looking for a natural simple syrup substitute, then honey is the best choice. The honey flavor is slightly stronger than maple syrup but still is considered an amazing simple syrup substitute. Since the consistency of honey is thick, it is best to use it in desserts and sundaes. It is preferred to use a bit less than the amount of simple syrup- due to its thickness.

Agave Syrup

Agave Syrup, also known as Agave Nectar, is an amazing simple syrup Substitute. It comes from the plant of Agave and is then simply made into a syrup. The flavor of this syrup is natural, which makes it a perfect option for cocktails. Use the same quantity of Agave syrup in the recipe as that of simple syrup.

Stevia Syrup

Stevia Syrup is considered a good alternative to simple syrup. It has zero calories and provides natural sweetness- which works as a good substitute for simple syrup.


It might sound weird, but in some recipes, Fruit can be used as a substitute for simple syrup. For example, if your recipe requires Strawberry syrup or Peach Schnapps, use real and fresh fruits instead of Sugar Syrup. Grinding the fruits and making them a mixture is the perfect way to add replace the simple syrup with fruits. Above all,  fruits contain sugar, which makes them a perfect sweetener in drinks.

How to Store Simple Syrup and Simple Syrup Substitute?

It is best to make fresh simple syrup every time you want to use it; if you want to store it for a couple of weeks- you can easily do that. Just keep the syrup in an airtight box or jar and keep it in the refrigerator. The syrup will stay good for 4 weeks. You can also keep it at room temperature but if you want to store it for weeks, then refrigerate it.

Must-Try Recipes

Simple syrup can be used alongside many recipes, or many desserts can be topped and decorated with it. Some must-try recipes with simple syrup are;

Simple Syrup Substitute- The Perfect Substitute for Your Recipes!

Many times I run out of simple syrup, and mostly there is no time to make it because of the cooling time it requires. Therefore, I have used almost every simple syrup Substitute, and to my surprise, all of them just fit perfectly! So if you are running short on simple syrup, just don’t panic- use any if it’s a substitute, and I bet you will also be shocked to see that your recipes turning out the same as it would have if you used simple syrup!