The Debatable Origin

Like most liquor origins, the cocktails’ origin is also vague; the word first appeared in The Farmers Cabinet (The United States) in 1803. The official definition was mentioned in 1806 in the Balance and Columbian Repository (Hudson, New York)

In the 17th century, a perception was shared by James Ashley, who owned a punch house in London from 1731 to 1776. He stated that “people don’t like it when you mess with their beer.” But with time, things started to become exciting and spirits mixed with bitters became popular. Most people believe that Professor Jerry Thomas created the mixology with spirits in 1862 or shall we call him the ‘boozy bartender’. 

If these stories don’t feel convincing enough then hang on for more.

The Cocktay Tale

This one is an interesting take on what we call cocktails today. A mere mispronunciation of the French word for Egg-Cup Coquetier known in English as cocktay led to the concoction being called a cocktail.

  • The Cocktailing

Now here comes another one. The term cocktailing is a combination of ‘tailing’, which combines the leftover liquor in the barrels. Later it was sold at discounted prices by the tavern owners. The tap of the barrel is known as the ‘cock’, resulting in the word ‘cocktailing.

  • The Docked Horse

It is said that during the 17th century the tails of the racehorses were docked. The notion was that the docked tail horses were perkier than the ones without the docking. It got correlated with the cocktail as this concoction was also vivacious and eye-opening.

The Proto-Cocktails Era

This era was about sweetened gin mixed with bitters. You just had to mix some sugar in booze, bitters, and water and pretend to be “The Alchemist”. The oldest cocktail that the world experienced was the Sazerac, a mixture of cognac, absinthe, Peychaud’s bitters, and sugar. It would keep you warm on a cold winter night.

Later the drinks started becoming more democratic, now it was not only about keeping warm but rather about the joy mixology brought at the bar counter. Also, people started opting for strong cocktails, a blend of high-proof alcohol with a very small quantity of mixers.

Let’s Go Nuts

Now you will get to know about some insane cocktails that will take you off the edge.


Try it for its namesake and feel like the walking dead. It has three types of rum along with apricot brandy. There is pineapple, orange, and citrus juice that makes it so vibrant. The fun doesn’t end without a hint of grenadine syrup.

So take that shaker and add your favorite rums like light rum and dark rum, then put in the juices and the apricot brandy, and give a proper shake. Pour them out in an ice-chilled cocktail glass but don’t forget to add the overproof rum and the grenadine. Garnish with mint leaves, cherry, and an orange slice.

Scorpion Bowl

For this one, you will need gin, light rum, dark rum, and vodka along with pineapple juice, orange juice, and some grenadine.

Now this one is hassle-free as everything is mixed up in your punch bowl. So pour in the vodka, gin, juices, and syrup on giant ice cubes, drizzle rum in the center of the bowl, and light. Create your very own version of a flaming drink. But don’t forget to garnish with lime wheels, pineapple chunks, and orange wedges.

Tokyo Iced Tea

If you know the art of mixology this one is a vibrant take on the Long Island drink. The addition of melon liqueur and lemon-lime soda distinguishes it from the regular cocktail that uses cola.

So bring the house down with all the liqueur collections you have like vodka, rum, tequila, gin, triple sec, sweet and sour, mix some melon liqueur, and lemon-lime soda. Pull out your Pilsner Glass and stack it up with ice. Now pour in all the liqueurs and mixes, stir with a straw and garnish with a cherry.

Three Wise Men Shot

It is evident from the name that it is a combination of three whiskeys. But little did we know that the “wise men” referred to are Jim Bean, Johnnie Walker, and Jack Daniel.

This easy to create a cocktail just requires a shot glass. So pour in your Tennessee whisky (Jack Daniel’s), Scotch whisky (Jonnie Walker), and bourbon whiskey (Jim Bean) into a shaker and pour out the strong cocktail in your shot glass. No need for any garnishing as these fine liqueurs will take you back to space.

Adventure Happens After Cocktails

Just unwind and relax over the weekend with friends and family. Imbibe loads of serious liqueur for some heart-to-heart conversations. These strong cocktails will turn you into a social magnet. So what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there, call your friends over and get to mixing.

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