We already know that Dill is a herb that is widely used in foods all over the world. It is most commonly grown and used in Europe and Asia. We would never want to use anything other than Dill but we still must know some Substitute for Dill, just in case we run out of it.

Fun Fact: Dil is also known as Dillweed 

Characteristics of Dill

Dill is lean consisting of soft oval-shaped tiny leaves that are slightly brown in color.

As far as the taste is concerned, it’s sweet with a pinch of grassy flavor. If you’re planning on consuming Dill seeds, they too are exceptionally delicious, highly aromatic, and the citrusy, tangy flavor they offer makes them one of a kind.


Substitutes For Dill

We would never want to replace Dill in any recipe; however, you might sometimes not find it in the market, or you may forget to buy it. In times like this, we would like to solve your problem by providing you with a list of substitute spices that you can use in place of Dill in your recipes.

Following is a list of all the substitutes for Dill that we deem perfect for you to use in your dishes:



Fennel is one of the top substitutes for Dill that you can use in your dishes. Fennel resembles celery. Unlike Dill, Fennel has broad leaves. Without worrying about the changes in the taste of your dish, you can easily use Fennel in place of Dill with any ingredients that you choose, such as Fish, Vegetables, Chicken, or even if you’re cooking a vegetable. The taste and texture of Fennel make it a good substitute for Dill.



Good old Thyme is also a herb that is used in numerous recipes. It belongs to the Mint family; however, its exceptional taste makes it the best herb for seasoning or flavoring any dish, same as Dill.

Thyme is known to have very tender leaves, and for that purpose, it is used in many Mediterranean dishes as it adds sufficient aroma, or you may say adds in the aroma of the dish. Thyme keeps its flavor no matter how long you choose to cook it or how you cook it.

The only thing you need to keep in mind when using Thyme in place of Dill in your dishes is that Thyme has a very strong aroma compared to Dill, so you need to add a very little amount as you would add if you were using Dill.



We love Rosemary. Hearing it’s one the considered substitute for Dill, we were happy. Rosemary is the most easily available herb out there and thus a great substitute for Dill. It has a great aroma and is perfect for adding to meat dishes.

It’s used in several dishes such as Pasta, mainly Pasta, Chicken dishes, Fish, Vegetables, Lamb, and many more.

The only difference between the two herbs is that of leaves. Otherwise, they both do an excellent job when added to any dish.



One of our favorite herbs and undoubtedly the best substitute for Dill out there. The flavor of Tarragon is much like that of star anise. It has a very strong aroma and a taste that takes your taste buds for a mesmerizing ride. Tarragon herb is used in many recipes, mostly French.

It keeps its flavor regardless of the way you cook it and the time you cook it. So, for example, when making Soup, you can easily add Tarragon in it in place of Dill.

Caraway Seeds


If a recipe requires Dill seeds, you may use Caraway seeds in place of it. Caraway seeds have a very strong aroma, similar to that of Anise. The taste and aroma resemble Dill greatly.

Nutritional Facts

  1. Calories 4
  2. Vitamin C 8 percent
  3. Manganese 5 percent
  4. Vitamin A 4 percent
  5. Folate 3 percent

Health Benefits

  1. Benefits heart health
  2. Lowers blood sugar levels
  3. Has anti-cancer properties
  4. Helps with menstrual cramps

And many more.


Mouth-Watering Recommendations

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We hope you try out these substitutes for Dill and let us know which herb you like cooking in the comments below.