Dry Mustard, also known as the mustard powder is a versatile ingredient added in recipes. It is made from ground mustard seeds. This dry Mustard is also used to make the mustard paste you get in jars and bottles. It is important to know substitute for Dry Mustard so that you don’t panic if you run out of it. In today’s article, we will look into some of the best substitutes for Dry Mustard.


It is a common ingredient that is easily available. You can find it on the spice racks of any food store. Due to its usefulness, it is used in dishes from all across the world, with Asian cuisines, topping up the list.

The mustard seeds used to make dry mustard are black, brown, and yellow, depending on the kind of plant they are extracted from.

Due to the pungent and aromatic taste of the dry mustard, it is known to add a unique taste and hotness to the dish. That is why it also adds some spice to the recipe.


Substitute for Dry Mustard

An ingredient as important as dry mustard, you have to know about its substitutes, just in case. There are many alternates available for this one! All of them are easy to find and may already be in your pantry.

Mustard Seeds

As close as it gets, this is your best bet! It is the source from where Dry Mustard comes. This is a promising alternative. You will not have to let go of the level of spiciness or pungency that mustard promises. All you need to do is just grind those seeds, and you will get a powdery form. Use it in lesser quantity (half of it, actually) than you would use Dry Mustard. As it is fresh, its taste will be slightly more potent than the store-bought one.


Horseradish Powder

Horseradish belongs to the mustard family. So, it is an immediate replacement. It can be used for any type of dish; marinades, sauces, stews, etc. The level of spiciness is not the same, so it is a better option if you don’t want your food too spicy.


Mustard Paste

This is a creamy form of Dry Mustard. If you have this on hand, you should worry no more! However, as it is not as concentrated as the Dry Mustard, you will have to use it more. For every one teaspoon, you will have to add one tablespoon of mustard paste. 



This one surprised you, right? This is a leafy vegetable, so how can it be a substitute for Dry Mustard? Well, this works for some dishes. These leaves have spiciness to them. This is why in some dishes particularly, salads, it is a great substitute. Chop the leaves until they become a paste form, and then add it to your dips or salads. I won’t recommend you to add it in marinades or soups. 


Turmeric Powder

This is an easy one. It is available in every house almost. Though it will give subtle color to your dish, it is a very close substitute. However, turmeric has bitterness, so you will have to keep in mind the quantity while adding.


Wasabi Powder

This is a tricky substitute. It has a strong spicy flavor. You will have to test out the taste if you are not familiar with it. I like to substitute it in dishes that have fish or shrimp.  The taste goes along well. While adding Wasabi Powder to your dish, start with less quantity, and then you can build on the flavor.


Dry Mustard Facts

  • It is a cheap ingredient.
  • It is easily available in stores.
  • An ingredient that is common in all sorts of dishes, from fast food to traditional curries.
  • It is a spice that has been popular from long before pepper.

Recipes You Can Try

Here are a few recipes that you can try with Dry Mustard or the substitutes I have introduced you with! I am also adding some of my favorites that are WITHOUT Dry Mustard.


With all the options available as alternates, you will never have to miss out on the aromatic yet spicy flavor of Dry Mustard. Being a favorite ingredient, I now keep all the substitutes in my pantry!