Substitute cooking is all about searching for the best alternative to key ingredients. Undoubtedly! it is good to find different ways to make your favorite meal healthier without compromising on the taste. This article will bring you useful information about discovering the substitute for Maple Syrup.

Whether it is your pancake or waffles, maple syrup is a must ingredient to add the desired sweetness to your desserts. However, what to do if we find ourselves out of stock on maple syrup? I suppose we should find out some alternatives. Isn’t it? Let’s check out!

What is Maple Syrup?

Maple Syrup is a sweet, scrummy, and natural sweetener that is an obvious topping for baked recipes. It is quite popular among recipes and commonly used to add gentle sweetness and moisture to desserts, batters, and dough. Extracted from the sugary sap of maple trees; Maple Syrup adds a toffee-flavored hint of caramel to your desserts.

Did you know? The harvesting of the pure maple syrup from the sap of maple trees is done by hand. Almost 40 gallons of sap is used to prepare one gallon of pure maple syrup. Literally…that’s a lot of sticky sap!

Substitute for Maple Syrup

The availability and cost of maple syrup sometimes urge the user to find a fine substitute, and they start looking for cheaper and easily available alternatives. On the other hand, at times we run out of maple syrup and only realize it when we have to top up our dessert to serve in the next 5 mins. In this case, we must be handy with an alternative to ensure that our recipes are served perfectly without any miss-out.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few simple ingredients available in your pantry or at grocery stores that can easily imitate ready-made maple flavor and extract.

8 Best Substitute Syrups

1.     White Sugar

Undoubtedly! white sugar is an essential ingredient of our kitchen and proves to be the best substitute for maple syrup in various recipes. Although it does not completely match the consistency and sweetness of maple syrup, still one cup of it can replace 2/3 cup of maple syrup.

2.     Brown Sugar

All the syrup made from brown sugar only requires brown sugar, water, and vanilla essence. In addition, you can easily store this syrup in the refrigerator for a month. Brown sugar syrup adds a delicious savor to baked goods such as pancakes, cakes, and several other desserts.

3.     Honey

Maple syrup and Honey are more or less the same and you can use both of these ingredients interchangeably in several ways. As a matter of fact, honey is a common ingredient in every kitchen, and it serves as a 1:1 substitute for maple syrup. However, it slightly differs in taste and texture, but it certainly adds the desirable sweetness to your recipe.

4.     Corn Syrups

Corn syrup is the most inexpensive alternative to maple syrup. It has various lighter and darker versions, but the caramel flavor works well to dress your meal. It will also be taken as the ratio of 1:1 as a substitute.

5.     Molasses

Molasses is proven to be the best replacement for maple syrup among all. It possesses a warm and sweet flavor with hints of smokiness and can be used in a ratio of 1:1 for maple syrup substitute in cakes, candies, and many other desserts. However, be considerate of the quantity and consistency while replacing it with maple syrup.

6.     Golden Syrup

Golden syrup obtains citric acid, sugar mixed with water, and a buttery taste (even if there is no butter in it). Even having a mild buttery flavor can be adjusted in any recipe as a substitute for maple syrup and adds a nice flavor. However, make sure to use a lesser quantity of golden syrup than maple syrup, as it has a thicker consistency.

7.     Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup has a mildly sweet and nutty flavor and thick, sticky texture, almost similar to honey. So it is often used as a substitute in various recipes that call for maple syrup.

8.     Agave Nectar

Agave nectar has a unique bitterness in taste that can serve well as an alternative bitter-sweetener in your recipes. One thing to be kept in mind while making a swap is to adjust the texture and consistency of Agave nectar syrup.


In conclusion, the substitute is the best source of replacing the recipe with some easily available options in your hand.

Whether it is a drizzling stack of warm and fluffy pancakes or topping, waffles, or other desserts to treat your taste buds, nothing comes even close to the delicacy of the mesmerizing flavor of maple syrup.

So enjoy your treats with tasty and easy-to-prepare substitutes of maple syrup.

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I hope you enjoyed knowing the alternatives for maple syrup. Although I know that maple syrup remains the king of syrups to top our desserts with sweetness, but being handy with alternatives in case you don’t find maple syrup is wise. I am sure you will try out these alternatives and will love them.