Of course, onion Powder and fresh onions are not the same, but both add the desired flavor to the dish; especially onion powder that also brings along the convenience. The health benefits of onion powder have always been a debate. Once you start using the onion powder, it’s hard to get rid of the flavor. Substitute for Onion Powder is now easily available due to its popularity.

Onion powder is a handy ingredient to have in your pantry. You just add it to the dish; no more cutting onions and shedding tears!


Many dishes require onion powder, and if it is not available, the dish may lack flavor. Though it is a derivative of onions, it has a very concentrated flavor. If I am making a dish, it has to have that perfect strong flavor of an onion.

Substitutes of Onion Powder

With various options available, you surely want to go with the closest substitute. Therefore, below I have jotted down for you the best alternatives, in case you are out of Onion powder.  

Onion Flakes

Onion flakes have the same composition of ingredients as onion powder. These flakes are dried either by dehydrating the onion slices or by air-drying them. They are usually crisp. This is the reason they give the dish the same flavor. Onion flakes can also be turned into onion powder. You can grind them in a grinder or by hand in a mortar and pestle.



These belong to the onion family. The flavor they provide is on the subtle side compared to the actual fresh onion. Shallots can be used raw or fried and added to a dish to replace the onion powders’ taste.


Dried Minced Onion

It is similar to Onion Flakes. It is also a dried version. The difference is it comes in various sizes. Not all sizes can suit the type of dish you are making. It can also dry your dish. If you are making a recipe that requires gravy, it will be better that you add more water.


Chopped Celery

It won’t provide you with the same strong flavor as onion powder, but it will provide an aromatic tone to your dish. Another healthy benefit is that Celery is a versatile micronutrient-rich vegetable.


Onion Salt

This is an extension of the onion powder itself. It is a combination of onion powder and salt. When using this substitute of onion powder, you need to be careful while adding salt separately. Miscalculation of salt may ruin the dish and make it extra salty.



They are also from the onion family. They are commonly known as green onions or spring onions. These are most suitable for pasta and steaks as they have a slightly sweet flavor. Both of its parts, white bulb as well green roots, are useable (edible). The downside of this option is that it can only be used fresh and not be stored for longer.


Onion Powder Facts

  • Commonly used as a seasoning.
  • It is dehydrated ground onions.
  • It can be homemade as well as store-bought.
  • White, yellow, or red, any kind of onion can be used for making onion powder.
  • It is a low-calorie and low-fat ingredient to add to your dish.

Recipes You Can Make Using Onion Powder Substitutes


With all the options you have on hand, you will not have to let got that specific flavor in your dish now! So choose your option according to the recipe you are preparing! Bon appetite!