People around the globe love Pine Nuts due to their richness, kind sweetness, and smooth texture. Undoubtedly! they are the fanciest among all the nuts. They are amazing for both sweet and savory recipes. But what if we run out of pine nuts in a recipe where it’s a key ingredient? Here are a few of the best substitute for pine nut.

Pine Nuts serve as a key ingredient in several famous Mediterranean and Italian recipes such as pasta, on top of crostini, and baking.

Due to the decreasing health of Pine Trees around the world, Pine Nuts can be harder to find and, if found, very expensive (second in the world). Hence, if you are looking for cheaper substitutes for these fancy Nuts, we can find ways that will not only allow you to enjoy your delicious recipes but also a light on your pockets.

Closest Substitutes for Pine Nuts

1. Cashews

Chopped or toasted cashews serve as the best alternative to pine nuts. Cashews offer the same subtle sweetness and smooth texture, which matches the pine nuts profile. To give them the exact look, chop cashews roughly into ½ inch long pieces. For even better results, toast your cashews in a pan for about 3-5 minutes over medium flame to give it a beautiful fragrance and color. When you toast the cashews, it gives a more similar flavor to that of crispy pine nuts.

2. Pistachios

Again some people may complain about the slight difference in flavor between pistachios and pine nuts; however, both almonds and pistachios work well as an alternative to pine nuts in Italian recipes such as pesto, salads, and other kinds of pasta.

3. Almonds

Third, on the substitute list are toasted Almonds. You can chop them into ½ inch pieces or slice them. Although almonds taste somewhat different from pine nuts, still they can work. The lightly sweet flavor of almonds is similar to that of pine nuts. Same as cashews, if the almonds are toasted, they taste amazing and can mimic the flavor of pine nuts better. Toasted almonds work well in different kinds of pasta and salads.

4. Peanuts

They can be a great substitute for almost all the nuts. Peanuts are cheaper and easily available. Use them in place of pine nuts, and there are high chances that you might even prefer them more. You can roast your peanuts or use them raw, and both are readily available in grocery stores.

5. Hazelnuts

You can also use hazelnuts without worrying. They are used in many Mediterranean and Italian recipes, as they offer a sweet yet rich flavor.

6. Pecan Nuts

People prefer pecan nuts because of their sweet flavor, which is milder than walnuts. It is preferred to roast your pecan nuts as they will make your dish more delicious and pleasing.

7. Walnuts

Walnuts can also be a good substitute for pine nuts as they can be used in any kind of recipe from pasta, salads, and cookies, etc. They are cheaper than pine nuts. Always roast walnuts, before using them in recipes, as it helps make the sourness milder. Walnuts are commonly used in place of pine nuts in Italy, even though their flavor slightly differs from that of pine nuts.

Mouth-Watering Recipes to Feature With Your Pine Nuts Substitutes