The second most expensive nuts in the world are Pine nuts (after only macadamia nuts!); therefore, this rundown of pine nut replacements will most likely be useful. They are delicious in both savory and sweet dishes. These nuts are unique, but if you’re making a large quantity of pesto and don’t have any on hand, don’t worry: This substitute for pine nuts in pesto guide will help you get your hands on easily available and closely related deal.

Many seeds and nuts can substitute for pine nuts in pesto, but some are better options than others. For example, as a topping, pumpkin seeds or more common peanuts work well as a substitute for pine nuts. Still, they’re never good alternatives for a mouthwatering pesto, so we didn’t include them on our list (generally, pumpkin seeds have an oily consistency, and the pungent peanuts’ flavor can overwhelm others tastes in your pesto). So, if you don’t have any pine nuts on hand, don’t worry—take a look at the below list to see if there’s an alternative you already have on hand. Then, make pesto panini, pesto salad, pesto pasta and other pesto related dishes.

1.     Pistachio

Although bold in flavor with a hint of sweetness, pistachio are suitable to replace pine nuts. They are organically green and will add to the pesto’s natural green color.

2.      Cashew

Cashews have a similar texture, color, and slight sweetness to pine nuts and can be enjoyed in almost any dish. We suggest using unsalted variety (raw or roasted variants also work) and brown them on the heat for added flavor depth. Next, mince them into pieces about the size of pine nuts, approximately 1/2-inch long. What’s better? In a dry pan, toast the cashews for 3 to 5 minutes over medium heat, until aromatic and lightly golden. When the nuts are toasted, they take on a nuttier flavor, comparable to pine nuts.

3.      Almonds

Almonds are not as tasty as pine nuts. However, they’ll suffice. Almonds can be soaked through the night. This helps in removing the skin easily and softens their texture, making them more similar to pine nuts. The flavor of the nuts will be enhanced by toasting them. They’re even better toasted, just like cashews, to simulate the nutty flavor of pine nuts. They’re great in pesto, salads, and pasta.

4.      Walnuts

The bitter flavor of walnuts is derived from the thin brown skin. To remove the skins from walnuts, toast them first, cool them, and soak them overnight for a softer, and texture. These nuts have proven to be good substitutes for pine nuts in pesto.

5.      Hazelnuts

The hazelnut skins, like the skins of walnuts, the hazelnut skins contain all of the bitter qualities, making the white part a more reasonable alternative. In addition, hazelnuts have a rich flavor and make a great substitution in sweets, particularly chocolate ones.

6.      Pecans

Pecans are sweeter than pine nuts and can be used in almost every pine nut dish. You can also roast them to get a stronger flavor.

7.      Macadamia Nuts

Pine nuts are much more expensive than other nuts while being an excellent substitute to be added in pesto. They have a buttery, slightly robust, and creamy texture.

8.      Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are an excellent low-cost substitute for pine nuts in pesto. Still, remember that they will lighten the color of pesto if used in it. So make sure you remove the sunflower seeds from their shells.

9.      White Beans

While lacking the texture and crunch of pine nuts, white beans are a good nut-free option in pesto, adding a similar creamy texture.

10.  Edamame

Edamame is a great pine nut replacement, whether roasted or cooked for an earthy-crunchy snack. In a pesto, either variety works, but the roasted variation of edamame is ideal for savory recipes or salad toppings that require crunch.

11.   Brazil Nuts

The meaty texture of these huge nuts is similar to that of a coconut. However, their rich, buttery flavor can be used as a substitute in any recipe.

Here’s How You Can Enjoy Your Pesto

Pesto can be eaten in a variety of ways.

Pasta and pesto are a fantastic match made in heaven. Your pesto’s green color contrasts beautifully with the pasta. And the flavor is nothing short of fantastic.

Pesto is also delicious with potatoes. Pesto and potatoes work well together, just as they do with pasta. Mashed, boiled or baked, are all good options to pair with pesto.

Another tasty pairing is pesto and chicken. The pesto sauce can be stuffed inside the chicken or simply slathered on top. The sauce gives your chicken a different flavor – a delicious one, to be sure. Finally, pesto can be used to make Paninis or Pesto Crostini. A good Pesto is impossible to go wrong with.