Green Alcohol2

Green Alcohol

Green is mainly the color that is most famous during St Patrick’s week or month. However, green alcohol is not only subjected to this day. There are numerous green alcoholic drinks that you can make and enjoy with your friends and family. Also, as the holiday season is right around the corner, we thought of …

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Peach Alcohol

Whether you like them firm or prefer the slightly tender ones, peaches make everything sweeter. And if you’re a dedicated fan of this sweet and flavorful fruit, you’ll be happy to know that there are more ways to enjoy this delicious fruit than a simple peach pie or cobbler! Say hello to peach alcohol! That’s right! Among …

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Refreshing Tequila Lemonade

Refreshing Tequila Lemonade

A hot summer day or a cool evening, this is a drink that can be made and enjoyed any time of the day! Lighter than other of its counterparts, Tequila is an alcohol that can be taken even during day time. Refreshing Tequila Lemonade, a drink that puts together light alcohol and the refreshing lemon, …

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