Chilaquiles Rojos

This Mexican recipe of Chilaquiles Rojos makes for delicious breakfasts! The humble, simple, but incredibly delicious recipe is low-fat and inexpensive, hence it’s perfect for people trying to diet around on a low budget. This recipe consists of fried tortilla dipped in a fancy sauce prepared with dry chilies and red sauce. The preparation process …

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Fancy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But choosing a breakfast that is delicious, and nutritious can be tough. You have a wide range of breakfast ideas, from simple and traditional to trendy and fancy breakfasts. So, Don’t worry! if choosing between the tasty vs healthy breakfast confuses you. This article will assist …

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Madeleine Recipe Almond

Madeleine Recipe Almond

A breakfast menu consisting of luscious bite-sized spongy crispy cakes heightened with Almond flavor just makes it perfect. Today’s recipe is super easy to cook yet delicious and makes perfect for snack time or for a “little me time” break. These little Madeleine Cake Recipes with Almonds are addictive and irresistible that you will be …

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Mariano’s Kale Smoothie Recipe

Mariano’s Kale Smoothie Recipe

Even if you don’t consider yourself a green smoothie fan, have disliked green smoothies you’ve tried in the past, or are just dubious of anything green before 12 p.m.  Then, you will find Mariano’s Kale Smoothie Recipe difficult to resist. It’s refreshing, creamy, and incredibly delectable. So start your day with a tall glass, and you’ll …

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Cannabis Peanut Butter Recipe

Cannabis Peanut Butter Recipe

With peanut butter, the only thing wrong is it not making you high! There are a million concoctions made out of Peanut Butter. Now with the Cannabis-chefs out on the loose, the Jam just got better! This Cannabis Peanut Butter Recipe is extremely easy to make and pretty delicious to taste. After many trials and …

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Canna Peanut Butter Recipe

Canna Peanut Butter Recipe

Let us get high on taste and low on stress! Who does not love Peanut Butter? I mean, even my 89-year old granny wants to have it every day for breakfast. However, for me, a Cannabis-lover, I have “high” food standards; even with my Peanut Butter, I would love the extra twist. The duo of …

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Whole Grain Rice Cake

Whole grain rice cake is a popular tidbits in most countries. They contain no animal products, making them an ideal choice for vegetarians and vegans.  They are allergen-free and gluten-free. This is why most people eat whole grain rice cakes as a zero-calorie substitute for crackers and bread.  Today,  I am making vanilla and cinnamon …

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Wholemeal Corn Flakes

Sometimes, unwinding can come in the form of going into the kitchen and serving yourself a bowl of cornflakes and milk. After that, sink into your couch, pull down the blinds, and turn on Netflix. How about shaking things up a little by making your own wholemeal corn flakes? Never thought you could? That narrative …

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