Organic Brown Rice

Rice is a common global food, it is the most common source of carb. It is grown, cultivated, and cooked in different ways. Every day, rice is eaten, no doubt rice rules the world.  Amongst other types of rice, white rice is consumed mostly. This form of rice is highly processed and polished. White rice …

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How to Be a Vegetarian in College

College life is already prone to academic and learning challenges and not being to find proper eating options only add to the quest. People mostly are not familiar with the vegetarian lifestyle and the benefits it provides to overall well-being, therefore we see a lack of vegetarian eating options at several places. On the other …

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Brown Rice Krispies Recipe

I made these brown rice krispies for the first time when my family planned a summer road trip. At first, we wanted to go on a picnic, but we had gone on so many picnics already, so we decided to try something new.  In quest of making the travel more adventurous and unique, we decided …

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