Vegan Pastries

Vegan Pastries

Going Vegan has become a trend these days. In the previous years, we knew very few people who were vegans. However, the percentage is increasing slowly and gradually as more people are saying goodbye to non-vegan diets. People did not have many options in food when they shifted towards veganism, but now people are discovering …

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yard house lettuce wraps recipe

Yard House Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Going vegan shouldn’t mean you have to quit your favorite foods or simply stop going out. Becoming vegetarian is a lifestyle choice, the good thing is there are numerous new recipes you can try with ingredient pairings you would’ve never thought of! The Yard House Lettuce Wraps Recipe is all about combining unique flavors for …

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How to Be a Vegetarian in College

College life is already prone to academic and learning challenges and not being to find proper eating options only add to the quest. People mostly are not familiar with the vegetarian lifestyle and the benefits it provides to overall well-being, therefore we see a lack of vegetarian eating options at several places. On the other …

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Is Brown Rice Vegan?

Rice is a staple that fits into several cuisines. However, high consumption of white rice might not be very healthy, due to its high glycemic index, which may raise blood sugar levels. Because of this diabetics are advised to take brown rice which comparatively has a lower glycemic index. In addition, brown rice serves great …

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