vitamix homemade peanut butter

vita mix paenut butter

VitaMix Peanut Butter Recipe

Have you ever looked at the back of the peanut butter jar at your local grocery store? Why does it have so many ingredients when all you need is, uh, peanuts?! Mind you, many of these ingredients can be hard to pronounce. And such things can’t be good for health, right? That’s is why I’m …

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vitamix peanut butter

Vitamix Peanut Butter Recipe

Who doesn’t love peanut butter (unless you’re allergic)? It’s delicious and easy to whip up on toast, with your oatmeal or just sneaking in a cheeky spoonful. It’s a breakfast staple in many households. How To Make Vitamix Peanut Butter To make the Vitamix peanut butter, all you’ll need is the Vitamix blender and some …

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