You must be thinking, why mix Tequila and Orange Juice? It is because the flavors complement each other perfectly! Orange Juice has a mildly sweet flavor; thus, it is a great cocktail mixer. So, combine Tequila with Orange Juice, and you can have to yourself a flavorful citrus combination!

Several drinks are made using these two ingredients, or you can say they are part of many cocktails and margaritas recipes. The two most famous drinks made with Tequila and Orange Juice are Tequila Sunrise and Tequila Screwdriver! And we will be sharing both of them today with you.

Tequila Sunrise Recipe


  • 3 tbsp Jigger Tequila.
  • ¾ cup Orange Juice. Fresh
  • ½ tbsp Grenadine syrup.
  • Some Ice cubes.
  • 1 slice Orange. for garnishing
  • 1 Maraschino Cherry. for garnishing


  • Shake and stir the Tequila and Orange Juice.
  • Fill a highball glass with ice cubes and pour the Orange juice mixer in it.
  • Slowly add the grenadine syrup and let it settle in the bottom if the glass for a few minutes with the mixer.
  •  Now, garnish the drink with the Orange slice and Maraschino Cherry.

Your classic yet divine Tequila Sunrise is ready to be served!

    Tequila Screwdriver Recipe


    • 2 parts Orange Juice
    • 1 part Vodka
    • Ice Cubes


    • Take 2 parts of Orange Juice and 1 part of Vodka In a highball glass,
    • Add some ice cubes.
    • Then add Orange juice and Vodka in it and stir them.
    • Garnish the drink with a cocktail cherry or a slice of Orange
    • The easiest yet delightful Tequila Screwdriver is ready to be served!

    Bonus Drinks

    • Blood Orange Juice Cocktail: Add blood orange juice, vodka and lime wedges in a highball glass and a refreshing blood orange juice cocktail is ready!
    • Margarita with Orange Juice: Add ice, orange juice, lemon juice, tequila, lemon wedges and soda; the delightful Margarita with Orange Juice is ready!
    • Grown-up Orange Juice: Add orange, orange juice rum, ice, maraschino cherry and egg in a glass; A bomb orange Juice is ready!
    • Crystallized Ginger Orange Juice Cocktail: Add orange juice, tequila, simple syrup, water, candid ginger and coconut sugar; an amazing Crystallized Ginger Orange Juice Cocktail is ready!

    Tips to Enhance Your Drink

    • Add Some Garnishes: Adding 2-3 fresh mint leaves in the drink is always lovely. You can also add lemon wedge to garnish the drink. Garnishing makes the drink super presentable!
    • Add Clear Ice: Adding Ice in the drinks is always a game changer! You can take crystal ice and cut it into some organic shapes, which makes the drink look super impressive than just adding ice directly from the ice tray!
    • Add Some Bitters: Shake the drink with a few dashes of bitters! Certainly! the cocktail bitters always give the drink an extraordinary flavor.

    Mouth-Watering Recipe Recommendations

    So on this weekend grab a glass of Tequila and Orange Juice and enjoy! If you find this article useful and interesting then do give us your feedback in the comments section below!