If you’re reading this, you probably enjoy a glass of whiskey every now and then. It’s logical. As whiskey is (and has been) the sweetheart of the beverage world for quite some time. But what if you have to choose between whiskey and bourbon? Let’s get the scotch vs bourbon batter started.

Whiskey is a word derived from the Irish phrase for “water of life” — is one of the world’s greatest alcoholic beverages. Despite the fact that there are numerous varieties, Scotch and Bourbon are the most commonly consumed whiskeys.

It all started with the concept of consuming shooter glass that relaxes you after a hard day at work in the 1980s and 1990s. Whiskey is now a more refined beverage. It is sipped, swirled, and enjoyed by both experts and novices. Corn-heavy whiskies are common in areas where corn is plentiful (such as Kentucky and Tennessee); Bourbons. Scotland, for example, focuses on barley-based whisky (Scotch).


What is a Scotch?

Scotch whiskey, also known as scotch, is widely regarded as the gold standard in whiskey production. And it can only be made in Scotland to carry the name. The two most common are single malt and single grain. Scotch must be aged for at least three years in oak barrels before it reaches out to you.

What is a Bourbon?

Bourbon whiskey, also known as bourbon, is composed chiefly of corn mash. It is only manufactured in the United States. Bourbon whiskey has no least age limit, but it must be aged for two years to be called straight bourbon.


Bourbon vs Scotch Whisky

Bourbon and Scotch are nutritionally equivalent. However, each 1.5-ounce (43-ml) shot contains 97 calories and 14 grams of alcohol each. Here are the main distinctions between the two.

  • There are significant flavor differences between these two whiskeys. Bourbon is sweeter, while Scotch has a more intense smoky flavor.
  • Bourbon must be made in the United States to be legally classified. Similarly, Scotch must be made in Scotland to be called Scotch.
  • Bourbon must be distilled to contain 80 per cent alcohol, whereas Scotch must contain no more than 94.8 per cent ABV.
  • Bourbon has no minimum ageing period, whereas Scotch must have at least three years.

Why Is Scotch More Expensive Than Bourbon?

All liquor is priced keeping the demand, supply, and production factors in consideration. Therefore, Scotch is an expensive deal if you are from the United States. Despite the fact that the United States is the largest consumer of Scotch, the product is still imported, so it is quite expensive as you must pay for shipping and respective levies, tariffs, and other charges. Then there’s the demand factor; Scotch is in high demand and has a limited supply, which increases prices.

Moreover, different types of grain are used to make alcohol. Corn is the most common and least expensive of these grains because it is easily converted into alcohol, such as Bourbon, and thus less expensive. On the other hand, a single malt Scotch is made with barley, which is a more expensive item to grow. Plus Scotch takes a longer and more detailed methodology for production.


Preference Between Scotch vs Buorbon

So, are you team Scotch or team Bourbon? Do you prefer the smooth, intensely smoky flavor of Scotch or the sweet, gentle, soft, flavorful concentration of Bourbon? Bourbon is typically perceived as a spirit cornerstone for whiskey drinkers. Take a look at the most popular Scotch whiskey and Bourbon cocktails.

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Closing Line

This article is just the tip of the iceberg for Scotch vs Bourbon, but hopefully, this gives you a good indication of how whiskey works. So, are you a Scotch or a Bourbon fan? Please let us know in the comments section below.