What better to quench your thirst than a Watermelon Smash? The citrus, sweetness of the melon, and liqueur combine to create a revitalizing beverage. Just marry them together, and you’ve already got a winner.

Call It Smash

The term ‘Smash’ seems utterly modern but has its origin between the 1700s and 1800s. Those days it was called julep or mint julep.  It was a very simple concoction of either brandy or rum, a dozen mint leaves, some sugar, water, and ice. The elites of Virginia used to imbibe it during breakfast.


In 1862 this drink was mentioned in two recipe books, ‘How to Mix Drinks’ and ‘The Bon Vivant’s Companion by Jerry Thomas. The recipe was, by default, that of the julep. A breakthrough happened in the year 1888 when Harry Johnson served this legendary drink with a twist of fresh fruits. He started with four variations and gave us a break from the traditional mix.

A Happening Evolution

What remained consistent was to strain the drink before serving. With time this interpretation also changed. Now you can muddle the fresh fruits and herbs or garnish with them. You have the right to choose any base spirit you like and even use simple syrup instead of granulated sugar.

The presentation has become fancier by replacing those silver goblets used in Virginia centuries ago with petite and elegant glassware. The obsolete ice cubes have given way to crushed ice making the texture, Oh so perfect!


Let’s Smash It

Now I’m not referring to some YouTube challenge of smashing a watermelon on your head. This round-bodied green fruit has traveled from Africa to America not to get popped open on top of your head. So let’s get rolling and mix up a Watermelon Smash to enjoy its goodness.

To make a pitcher of this smash, pour in 11/4 cups of any vodka. The American Anthem Vodka matches the blend. Add about 11/4 cups of fresh watermelon juice; squeeze around 3 oz. of lemon juice. Mix with 3 oz. of simple syrup and tons of mint leaves. Throw in some ice cubes and slices of watermelon for that extra fruity flavor.

The Smashing Hits

Don’t get stuck with one version of this concoction. This open-minded drink doesn’t mind mingling with new ingredients to give you a series of smash hits.

The Absolut Watermelon Smash

Now this one swaps watermelon juice with watermelon liqueur. So you’ll need equal parts of this liqueur and lime juice with a higher quantity of Absolut Vodka. Muddle a few mint leaves and a fresh watermelon wedge. Fill your rock glass with crushed ice and pour in the liquids and the muddled stuff.

Get ready to enjoy the double booze effect.


Tequila Watermelon Smash Cocktail

This is a pretty quick one. It needs just five ingredients and five minutes. Don’t bother cutting the whole melon; grab the sliced melon tray from the supermarket. Get your glass, and in it, muddle the melon slices and mint just using the back of your spoon. Now add heaps of ice and drizzle lime juice, soda water, and tequila (about 1 ounce in each glass). Place a lime wheel for garnish.

This sparkling, bubbly, and fizzy Watermelon Smash is ideal for beating the heat.

Brandy Smash

If you’re missing julep, then consider using brandy instead of other Spritz and add fine sugar in place of simple syrup to imitate the original smash. This recipe uses watermelon molasses around a tablespoon, with a double quantity of fine sugar and approximately 5 oz. of watermelon brandy.

Get hold of the shaker and toss all ingredients in with mint leaves pressed to release the oil. Stack the bar glass with shaved ice and drop a slice of orange. Pour out this exquisite drink.

Sip into the citrusy, sweet, and richly textured concoction on the rocks.


Pure Sipping Bliss

You don’t need an occasion to imbibe the Watermelon Smash. The moment you mix up this savage drink, an occasion will be created. This smash is so forgiving it allows any type of liqueur and different seasonal fruits to accompany it. So while you take advantage of being an adult and getting boozed up, you’re still nourishing your body with loads of goodness.

So sit back on your reclining chair under the shady porch accompanied by this vegan smash, a visual treat, and a breath of fresh air during the summers.

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