In this article, we will learn about beets, their taste, and the best ways to cook them.

Beetroot is a vegetable loved and consumed by many people around the globe. The flavor of this vegetable is earthy and slightly bitter, but the taste is always a relative term; it varies from person to person. For many people, it could be bitter, while for others, it could be sweet and delicious.

Nonetheless, this vegetable is full of nutrients, and nobody can deny its nutritional value. Therefore, beetroot is used as a vegetable, a key ingredient in several recipes as well as medicines.

What Do Beets Taste Like?

Beets are sweet and tasty for beet lovers, whereas they might taste bitter to others. Normally beets don’t taste that bad, and people use them in salads, juices, and several other recipes.

Raw beetroots mostly taste sweet, but still, some people find it difficult to eat them. The main reason behind beet’s earthy flavor is an organic compound produced by microbes in the soil called “Geosmin.”

The Nutritional Value of Beets

Beets have great nutritional value that no one can deny. These are a great source of fibers, iron, manganese, potassium, vitamin C, and Vitamin B9. These nutrients play a vital role in keeping you healthy and active. All these vitamins and minerals are necessary for your body to retain energy levels and, keep you fit and healthy.

The nutrients that beets offer help accelerate exercise performance; other than that, it improves blood levels while maintaining blood pressure levels, reducing cardiovascular diseases.

Best Ways to Consume Beets


Who can deny the value of salads in maintaining a healthy and strong lifestyle? Beets are used in numerous salad dishes by many chefs around the globe. Some use to drizzle them on the salads as a salad topping, while others just chop them off and add them to give the salad a colorful look.

A combination of beets with other raw vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce and with the flavor of different sauces makes the salads stand out.


Beets are a great source of vitamins, fibers, and minerals essential for proper body functioning. People consume different juices to keep their health on track; these juices give them the required energy levels and play a great role in making their skin, hair, and nails perfect.

Beets can be mixed with ingredients like ginger, lemon, raw spinach, cucumber, apple, orange, and carrots to make perfect fresh juice.

Beetroot Detox Water

Detoxing is the new normal for maintaining a healthy and clean lifestyle, and beets with their higher fiber content can do wonders for detoxification. Many people work hard to detox extra toxins from their bodies.

It can be added to water with other ingredients like fresh ginger, lemon, pears, or any other citrus fruits to make detox water.

Tips to Enhance Taste of Beets in Dishes

Apart from cooking straight away and eating them, there are several other ways to enhance the taste of beets. Here are a few tips for you;

  • Boiling: is the best and fastest way to get rid of bitter taste and smell. Add some salt while boiling them for extra delight.
  • Steaming: Steaming beets is also an easy and quick way to enhance beet’s taste and smell without adding water to it.
  • Roasting: Many chefs prefers roasts beets to make them tender and sweet to beautify dishes.


  • Why is it important to consume beets?

Its health benefits cannot be denied; to keep health on the right track, it is important to consume beets.

  • How to make beets taste good?

There are many ways to make beets better, such as boiling with salt, roasting, steaming, making juice with other fruits and vegetables, etc.

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