Anyone who likes Italian food must have heard about truffles. But, for those who aren’t aware of this divine treat; this article is for you. As we will be discussing what does truffle taste like, and the tips and tricks on storing and eating them perfectly.

Truffles are a sack of edible fungi spores- similar to mushrooms. Truffles come in various colors and varieties, and this is why each of them has a different texture, taste, and shelf-life.

Truffle’s Taste, Texture, and Appearance

Just like wine; different types of truffles taste differently. In addition, the farming process also set an impact on the truffle’s taste. For example, black truffles harvested in different regions might taste differently.  

Fresh truffles can be divided into two types based on consumption; black truffles and white truffles.

  • Black Truffle: The black truffle has a woody smell and a nutty, chocolatey taste. They resemble mushrooms in appearance but not in taste.  Some varieties of black truffles have a musky, deep taste and scent, different from the usual ones.
  • White Truffle: The white truffles carry a different aroma and taste. They have a rich garlic flavor with a deep musky aroma. Their taste is milder as compared to the black truffle.

How to Store Truffle?

The truffles can be stored for up to 1-3 weeks in a fridge. To safely store them; take a paper towel, carefully wrap the truffles, put them in an airtight container, and refrigerate them. It is essential to replace the paper towel with a new one every day, to prevent the truffle from molding.

Take them out of the refrigerator and let them sit at room temperature for a while before consuming them.

Another way to store the truffles is to immerse them in a covered rice dish. However, this may not be a good idea because the rice tends to draw the water content out from the truffles, turning it dry and flavorless.

Eat the Truffles, the Right Way

Although the black and white truffles have their unique taste and aroma, cooking them properly enhances their flavors. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you cook truffle perfectly.

  • Cleaning:  Do not soak the truffles underwater, just rinse them to rush off any dirt particles. Same as you do with the mushrooms
  • Cutting: Use a truffle mandolin or slicer to make the thinnest possible shavings
  • Heating: You just need to warm up black truffle slightly to bring out most of the taste; Do not overheat them. Whereas, white truffle taste best when eaten raw
Pro Tip: To add the truff-ly goodness and aroma to your food, it is recommended to add their shavings to your dish when its still hot. The warmth of the dish prepared recently would be enough to enhance the flavors of the truffles.
  • Pair them up with rich ingredients. Fat brings out the flavor of fresh truffles. So pair them with something creamy like cheese, butter,  cream, avocado, or mascarpone. You can also pair your truffles with pasta, rice (risotto!), bread, potato, gnocchi, and eggs
  • Spices and truffles do not get along. Spices and acidic ingredients overpower the taste and scent of the truffles; never pair them together


Do Truffles Have a Strong Taste?

Yes, truffles have a strong, dense taste with a deep aroma.

How Do You Eat a Truffle?

You can eat a truffle raw or can simply grate it in the soup or sauce. In addition, you can add the truffle to any dish. It is advisable to not overcook truffles as it might damage their aroma and flavor. TIP: Add truffle raw to your freshly cooked dish, when it’s still hot.

Can You Grow Truffles at Home?

Yes, you can grow truffles at home simply by planting seeds that have fallen from truffle’s trees. But the preferred method is to buy a sapling vaccinated plant/tree with truffle spores. It’s a time-consuming method but just for the first time because once the tree starts producing the crop, it will grow truffle for years.

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