Meatballs are made and liked by all mankind; despite their culture, country, climate, everyone consumes meatballs delightfully. Nothing is better than having that big juicy meatball and a side dish that compliments the meatballs; making you feel contented and satisfied.

Meatballs are perfect for weekend nights, and if you try a new side dish every time, you will never get bored of having meatballs. In addition, your sidelines can always serve as a surprise factor every time you present meatballs as your dinner.

Here are some of the best side dishes that complement meatballs, perfectly.

What Goes With Meatballs?


Rice is the best side that can be used with many main dishes and goes perfectly with meatballs. You can choose from different kinds of rice such as Basmati, Sella, Jasmine rice, short-grain rice, long-grain rice, etc.

You can choose to make rice in different ways, too, fried, boiled rice with different kinds of savory sauces that may include garlic herb, marinara, salsa, or soya sauce.

Cauliflower Rice

If you are health conscious, cauliflower rice is the best alternative to plain rice. These are far more nutritious than plain white rice and goes perfectly with meatballs, especially if you have prepared meatball with sweet and sour gravy. In addition, you can add other veggies to your cauliflower rice while serving.

Vegetable rice has re-emerged as a nice and healthy alternative to rice, bread, and pasta from the past few years.


The most common and easily served side dish with this classic dish of meatballs is spaghetti. But you can still add your innovative skills to the plain old pasta by adding any kind of seasoning or adding your homemade sauce to those plain strings.

Try to be creative around your daily served dishes by presenting them nicely. Sauteed veggies or sauteed mushrooms can enhance the presentation while adding a unique kick to your recipe.


A nice and elegant choice of a side dish that goes great with soups, stews, and meatballs is bread. It’s an obvious choice if you want to serve a large number of guests.

You can serve your bread plain or toasted with some butter and garlic. Alternatively, you can grill the bread with mozzarella cheese, or garnish it with some grated parmesan cheese.

If you want to have a meatball sub, just sautee your meatballs like a beef patty. Place it on your bread with the sauces of your choice, add pickled (or fresh) cucumber, onions, and serve. This will surely enhance the flavor of your recipe.

Sauteed Green Beans

To have a healthy and delightful experience, pair your juicy, savory meatballs with these taste enriched green beans. Just saute them with garlic, and it will become a treat to your taste buds. This is a guaranteed 5 stars side dish to go with your meatballs.

These green beans will add great green color and a mouth-watering taste twist to your classic meatballs.

Mashed Potatoes

Buttery, smooth, cheesy mash potatoes are the natural side dish to all meat dishes, along with those juicy meatballs. It’s an all-time favorite and delightfully eaten by all family members irrespective of age, children, adults, and grandparents all find these potatoes fascinating, and over the top, this dish never suppresses the main dish; it always serves as a classic side dish at home and even at fancy restaurants.

Must-Try Recipes 

In the era of canned food, it is difficult to pursue a lifestyle that can be healthy and time-saving. Try these easy-to-cook recipes that serve a healthy and tasty meal on a single platter.


Don’t be boring with your daily meals, be creative with your choice of food recipes, try to be innovative, and present those classic dishes with simple but unique sides that will add a surprise factor to your meal.