Why choose to have risotto alone when you can get a perfect blend of risotto with other side dishes that will make your meal more complete and satisfying? Continue reading to find out great combinations that you can serve with risotto in order to make it more crunchy, tastier, and more nourishing.

7 Vegetarian foods to serve with risotto

Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish cooked with broth until it reaches a creamy consistency. The broth can be derived from meat, fish, or vegetables.

Arugula Salad

The arugula salad is a very simple recipe to make. Also, with arugula salad, you don’t need to go through the process of dressing your salad. Moreover,  all you need to do is to combine the arugula with olive oil and lemon juice. 

Furthermore, make your combination great by putting in some thinly sliced shallots and grated parmesan. Also, if you want this meal to be more enticing and flavorful, then throw in some nuts. 

Baked Asparagus

Firstly, bake Asparagus in an oven until it becomes completely tender. Secondly, spray the top with lemon, then add the melted parmesan cheese and serve with risotto.

Spinach Apple Salad

Spinach apple salad is delicious and easy to prepare. Also, it is a wonderful companion for risotto.

 Steamed Broccoli

 Steamed broccoli offers great fiber content. Also, it provides a crispy texture and an amazing bright color that makes the combination mind-boggling!

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is made with simple garlic, butter, and parmesan. You will enjoy pairing this with risotto.

Fennel orange salad

This salad recipe is not a very common one. Although, it brings a great amount of flavor and texture when served with risotto.

 The recipe contains juicy oranges, raw fennel, and a little addition of licorice.

Lemony steamed green beans

This amazing dish is made up of beans mixed with lemon juice. Moreover,  the beans are literally long and tender and this adds a great amount of fiber and freshness to the main meal which in this case is a perfect blend to go with risotto.

Health benefits of risotto

Serves as a good source of carbohydrate

Risotto is a good source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate serves as a good source of energy to the body. Also, they serve as a major fuel to the brain, heart, muscle, and the central system in general. Fiber is also a constituent of carbohydrates that aids digestion.

A great source of protein

Protein is a vital nutrient necessary for bodybuilding. Thus, the consumption of a reasonable amount of protein makes the body grow and function appropriately.  Risotto also offers an appropriate amount of protein required for the body to function properly.

Easy digestion

Risotto meal has a great amount of vitamin A and C, which aids digestion to a great extent. 

Vitamin C also provides the bone and the teeth with a reasonable amount of strength. Moreover, risotto is rich in vitamin C.

Nutritional value of risotto

Risotto is a great meal with a lot of amazing nutrients.

  • Calories 443.5
  • Total fat   6.9g.
  • Sodium content f957.5mg
  • Potassium  217.3mg
  • Carbohydrate 7.7g
  • Risotto 1.0.

The vitamin content of risotto includes; Vitamin A in 38.1%, Vitamin B-12 in 0%, Vitamin B-6 in 4.4%, Vitamin C in 11.3%, Vitamin E in 5.8%.

  • Calcium  3.1%
  • Copper content  3.1%
  • Folate  9.2%.
  • Iron 6.5%
  • Magnesium  6.2%
  • Manganese  29.8%.
  • Niacin 1.1%.
  • Risotto  0.7% 
  • Phosphorus: 3.3%
  • Riboflavin: 2.4%
  • Zinc: 1.5%
  • Seienium: 0.8%
  • Thiamine: 2.1%

Facts about risotto

  • Risotto is widely believed to have its origin linked with Milan. Firstly, the first version of the meal was called ‘’Risotto alla Milanese’’ and the basic ingredients used to prepare it were butter, onion, white wine, stock, saffron, parmesan and of course salt. 
  • Risotto is a rice-based dish. Also, warm vegetables are used to make the meal.
  • Risotto needs to be stirred constantly in order to avoid a sticky outcome.
  •  The rice should also be prepared at a low heat level in order to get the result of an evenly prepared rice.

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