Where Can I Buy Gluten-free Bagels?

Ever tried to reach out for some doughnuts and then the vendor says, “Oh, those are not doughnuts, they are bagels?” This happens to some people, and it is not their fault; bagels and doughnuts have a similar shape. So, how do you differentiate between both? A bagel is a dense bread roll in the shape of a ring, made by boiling dough and then baking it. 

Bagels taste crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and slightly sweet. Whether you choose to pair it with butter or cheese, eating a bagel is definitely going to take you on a journey to the land of nourishment and flavor.

In fact, what is a break during work without having some bagels in their different toppings or a saturday morning without bagels?

History of bagels

We wonder how some foods come about especially when you see their peculiarities and realize, it must have been someone who thought about such foods. Someone had already said that food entails creativity.  Ever wondered where the bagels came from before they became a worldwide accepted meal? You are about to know some history. 

Nobody talks about bagels without tracing them down to Poland, although there are many accounts as regards the history of bagels. However, the general common history of bagels is that some certain Jewish introduced them to America. Maybe, that’s enough history to know while we go about munching on our delicious bagels. 

One thing to know is that not everybody eats bagels. Well, not because they don’t like to have some bite but bagels have gluten and some people are on a gluten-free diet. Are you one? You might be able to join the group of people who still enjoy bagels; Just that, you will have a gluten-free bagel.

Flour is a major ingredient in making bagels. Of course, flour got gluten all over it. So, what’s the alternative to having flour or a gluten-filled bagel? Let me run you through how you can get a gluten-free bagel. 

There are several places you can get gluten-free bagels, most especially online. However, you should be extra careful when choosing brands online or ordering things. No doubt, this can be a heck of stress. Luckily, you don’t need to go through the stress of finding a gluten-free bagel. I have carefully selected some trusted brands for you and you can make your choice. The goal is to get you your indulgence; your bagels- just one without the scary letter G – gluten! 

Let’s get started:

Canyon Bakehouse

If there’s anything Canyon Bakehouse is popular for, it is their generosity to let you make your choice. They’ve got two types of gluten-free bagels; plain and “everything”. While you are used to struggling to get just some gluten-free bagel, Canyon bakehouse gives you options. 

Their “everything bagels” contains garlic, onion, sunflower seed. Their gluten-free bagels are made from a mix of tapioca flour, potato starch, eggs, and brown rice flour.  They are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO)


They offer two different types of gluten-free bagels; Plain and sesame.  Their bagels have soy, milk, and eggs in them. All the listed items do not contain gluten. 

Glutino makes sure that its products contain fewer or no gluten. You can always find their bagels in the gluten-free frozen food section in their stores. Seems like their store is quite a health-oriented one as most of their products meet health standards. The most beautiful thing about Glutino is that you can just place your order online and you get your package in the comfort of wherever you are. 


Katz is a popular brand known for its specialization in gluten-free products. If you need any gluten-free products, Katz is another go-to option for you and they also give you the option of choosing your gluten-free diet. Their varieties of gluten-free bagel include poppy seed, cinnamon raisin, and there’s an option that’s got all the aforementioned in it. 

Their bagels are made from a mixture of gluten-free flour, brown rice, potato, soy, cornflour, eggs. The Gluten-Free Certification Organization also gives them the pass mark of being gluten-free.


Kinnikinnick “soft” gluten-free bagels are made from sugar, corn, yeast, eggs, and are free from any form of dairy and soy. There are different bagels produced leaving you to choose: blueberry, plain, and cinnamon raisin. The secret to their gluten-free bagels is their special mixture of white rice and tapioca starch. They are certified by the Celiac Sprue Association. 

Consumers are always advised to keep bagels frozen until use. 


Also certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, Udi makes five different special flavors of gluten-free bagels.  These flavors include; plain, whole grain, cinnamon raisin, everything inside, and mighty bagels. The plain is quite close to the traditional bagel. Everything inside the flavor is a combination of millet seed, poppy seed, onion, garlic, and flaxseed. The mighty bagels are made from sunflower seeds, millet seed, dried cranberries, flaxseed, cinnamon, and pumpkin seed. 

You can get yours online.


Their gluten-free bagels will leave you wanting more.


You’ll find their one variety yet special  store-brand gluten-free bagels; plain just right in their bakery section. Bagels are made from a mix of sorghum flours, tapioca starch, brown rice and they contain eggs. Quirky bagels are nut, dairy, and soy-free. 

Recommended gluten-free bagels

Benefits of gluten-free bagels

Here are some health benefits of gluten-free bagels.

Helps with digestion

Guess you know one of the problems associated with celiac disease is indigestion. Well, gluten-free bagels help take care of digestive issues. 

Provides energy

Need more energy? You should try having some gluten-free bagels or gluten-free foods generally. 

With gluten-free bagels, you can also manage your celiac disease. Gluten-free bagels also reduce the risk of diseases like heart diseases, and diabetes. Many of the supplements used in making the gluten-free bagel contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

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