Many people are caught between the web of celiac disease and having their favorite snack; doughnuts. Either way, a choice must be made.  It’s either you let go of what you love or be prepared to face the consequences. However, if you are reading this, you’ll get to know that you can still have doughnuts despite having celiac. The idea is for you to have gluten-free doughnuts!

Traditional doughnuts are made of gluten-filled ingredients. One of the ingredients is flour, which is a source of gluten. So, how do you get your gluten-free donuts? We are about to get to that!

Many restaurants have found alternatives to flour. Some use the all-purpose rice flour rather than the one obtained from wheat or barley.  You might feel that it wouldn’t taste like the traditional doughnuts made with flour, but the taste is as great as the ones made with flour.

However, finding gluten-free doughnuts in stores can be quite a task, but I have done the hard work for you. (Cheers)

Best gluten-free doughnuts found on store shelves

If you are looking to get your gluten-free doughnuts, you can walk up to any of these stores to place your order and have some gluten-free delight. You don’t need to start going from one store to another guessing and hoping that they have gluten-free donuts.

Kane’s doughnuts

Here is one sure plug to get your gluten-free doughnuts. How they work their magic is a business secret they’ve kept to themselves. If you find yourself around Massachusetts, just visit to get your hot gluten-free doughnut. 

Sans gluten artisan bakery

Sans Gluten Artisan Bakery is known for being the best gluten-free restaurant. You can always visit them. They have the gluten-free goodness everyone can enjoy. Sounds like where you want to visit right?

Freedom gluten-free doughnut 

Freedom gluten-free doughnut is a certified gluten-free and kosher manufacturer in Woburn, MA.

Where can I order gluten-free doughnuts online? 

You might be skeptical about ordering things online, especially edibles, due to previous experience(s) or people’s testimonials as regards online businesses. Making the choice of ordering foods online need careful and thoughtful consideration, and it is important to make the right decision.

Not to worry, we have done the hard work for you; You can order your gluten-free doughnut here. You will find gluten-free donuts from popular brands like Katz, Stonewall, etc

3 Popular Brands making gluten-free donuts

These brands are doing a great job when it comes to making gluten-free donuts. You can get your gluten-free from them online or their stores. 

Katz Gluten-free donut

Katz gluten-free donut is popular for being a go-to brand when it comes to gluten-free foods. Their gluten-free donuts are specially made of potato flour, rice flour, and a blend of other gluten-free ingredients. You might need to check them out here


Kinnikinnick’s donut is soft and made of ingredients other than the all-purpose flour which contains gluten. The Celiac Sprue Association attests that their gluten-free meets the standard requirement. So if you need some soft, succulent, and juicy gluten-free doughnuts, Kinnikinnick is at your service. 

Stonewall Kitchen 

Here comes a special kitchen notable for serving gluten-free meals. Their doughnut is top-notch made from a special blend of potato flour, rice flour, egg, and yeast. You could check out other gluten-free items you might need from them here

Health benefits of gluten-free donuts

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Below are some health benefits of doughnuts.

Reduces headache

Ever experienced those splitting headaches and you feel like separating yourself from your head.  Well, it’s  likely that gluten has decided to take its due course. You may experience fewer headaches when you avoid gluten foods. Facts have shown that what we eat affects our brain. 

Healthier and stronger bones

Gluten-free foods help the bone become stronger and healthier. 

Reduces the effect of celiac

Eating gluten skyrockets a response in the small intestine. Such a reaction destroys the small intestine’s lining, thus some vital nutrients that the small intestine needs are not absorbed. This case is called malabsorption.

 The damaged intestine then causes fatigue, diarrhea, weight loss, bloating, anemia, and some other serious illnesses. Most times, the aforementioned can also lead to complications that are quite grave. So, celiac patients are always advised to steer clear of every form of gluten foods. 

Gives a healthy skin

Ever been told to change your diet to achieve better skin? The kinds of foods you eat tell your skin.  So, if you ever need to clear those eczema, acne and you’ve tried other options, try staying gluten-free. A gluten-free diet can help with the skin. 

Prevents hair loss

Your hair loss might not be hereditary, it could be due to your gluten bestowed diet. So, you need to get rid of the gluten diet and go gluten-free.

Recommended gluten-free doughnuts