If you are looking to get a gluten-free beer, then you will have to do away with traditional forms of beer. These kinds of beers are made from water, yeast, hops, wheat or barley- They contain gluten. On the other hand, gluten-free beers are made from rice, sorghum, and millet.

There are several gluten-free beers out there but Green’s gluten-free beer sets the record and is still one of the top brands producing gluten-free beer. Talk about hard work and steadfastness!

History of Green’s gluten-free Beer

“You can no longer drink beers with Gluten! Oh, you poor thing!”

Imagine someone told you that, surely, it would take a lot of effort not to scream dump heads (?) into their faces, why? Because you can easily find beers without gluten and still have a swell time.

Derek Green, Founder of the Green gluten-free beer brand got those words in 1988 but he wasn’t lucky like you are now, because, in 1988, there were no gluten-free beers at that time in the UK. Sounds like someone may have to bid beers bye right? But Derek didn’t do that instead he began the journey towards manufacturing Gluten-free beers and  got a lot of  no in the beginning.

The problem: Gluten-free beers did not exist and brewing companies were mostly interested in projects they were familiar with and projects that could be quantified. So poor Derek got a lot of go and do your homework well.

The Breakthrough

(You may want to get some popcorn for this part of the story?)

The Breakthrough came in 2003 when Derek Green met a Belgian Professor whose daughter also had to avoid Gluten, thus, the duo shared the same Gluten Free Beer Goal.  Remember the two heads are better than one thing? Yeah, it worked in this case: Derek and the professor started working together on manufacturing beers made from alternative grains rather than wheat. 

After the storm comes the rainbow right?  Exactly what happened here! After so many trials, in 2004, Green’s finally launched the UK’s first-ever naturally gluten-free beer, named ‘Discovery’. (There couldn’t have been a better name!)

Shortly after this, awards started rolling in and the beers started to get exported to countries all over. Green still produces the original Discovery Ale and other gluten-free brands with 100% gluten-free raw materials.

Types of Green’s  gluten-free beer:

Discovery Amber Ale

  • Naturally Gluten-Free
  • Amber-brown, inviting, & caramelly
  • Brewed by: De Proefbrouwerij for Green’s
  • Country: Belgium/UK
  • Style: Amber Ale
  • Color: Amber Brown
  • ABV: 6.0%
  • IBU: 32

Indian Pale Ale

  • Naturally Gluten-Free
  • Bracingly floral and hoppy
  • Brewed by: De Proefbrouwerij for Green’s
  • Country: Belgium/UK
  • Style: IPA
  • Color: Amber Red
  • ABV: 6.0%
  • IBU: 60

Endeavour Dubbel Ale

  • Naturally Gluten-Free
  • Dark malt, effervescent body
  • Brewed by: De Proefbrouwerij for Green’s
  • Country: Belgium/UK
  • Style: Dubbel
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • ABV: 7.0%
  • IBU: 24

Enterprise Dry-hopped Lager:

  • Naturally Gluten-Free
  • Light-bodied, crisp, clean golden lager
  • Brewed by: De Proefbrouwerij for Green’s
  • Country: Belgium/UK
  • Style: Dry-Hopped Lager
  • Color: Pale Gold
  • ABV: 4.1%
  • IBU: 18

Let me chip this in: Gluten is a protein component found in grains like wheat and barley. They aren’t bad themselves but they are a big threat to Celiacs.

A lot of modern diets include gluten, including beers, Green’s response to this problem is producing gluten-free beers so celiacs can also continue taking beer.

How is Green’s gluten-free Beer made

Let’s start by looking into some of the ingredients used in making Green’s Gluten-Free Beer. These include, 

  • Sorghum
  • Millet
  • Buckwheat
  • Brown rice
  • Hops: Green’s are very creative, this is why they make use of a handpicked selection of five good hops around the world- Target, Nelson Sauvin, Willamette, Simcoe and Amarillo. These are used to create rich Amber, light larger, and Dark ales.

Green’s use ancient grains instead of malted barley to deliver a more flavorsome beer. They are also very creative which explains why they use a handpicked selection of five hops from around the world – Target, Willamette, Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe and Amarillo – to create crisp, light lagers, rich amber, and dark ales

What’s special about Green’s gluten-free Bears?


You can call the Green’s purists, that’s how they call themselves on their official website and I agree! They make use of finely filtered and oxygen-free water by flushing with CO2. This gives the beers a pure base to hydrate dry-milled cereals. 

Also, to ensure the full flavor of the beer is retained, the beers aren’t pasteurized.

Where can I get Green’s gluten-free Beer:

Green’s got you covered with a full range of original gluten-free beers. Whether you want crusts, light lagers, or dark ales, you can quickly order directly from their website.

In case you want to make your gluten-free beer from the comfort of your house? You can quickly also get your gluten-free brewing kit. How about making some gluten-free beer in the coming weeks? I think it’s a great idea. You can start planning now.

Benefits of Green gluten-free Beer

Muscle growth

Green’s Gluten-Free beer contains sorghum, millet, and brown rice; all of these are rich in minerals such as zinc that aids muscle growth.

Healthy skin

Green’s Gluten-free beers are rich in protein and vitamin B (Niacin) B3 which is good for the skin. It also contains B6, which is good for oxygenating blood. 

Healthy blood circulation

The buckwheat in Green’s gluten-free beer contains nutrients and antioxidants like rutin, tannins, known for promoting healthy blood vessels and circulation.