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Assembly and Final Touches

Calories 5270.4 kcal


  • Chef Knife.
  • Sugar syrup.
  • Piping bags.
  • Oreo biscuits.
  • Fondant and frosting.
  • Fox face templates.


Assembly instructions

  • Cut the cake in two equal slices with the help of a chef knife making sure the edges are finely cut. Then place one slice on the flat tray and pour sugar syrup evenly on the slice. In the next step apply a thin layer of frosting on the slice. Then place the second slice of the cake on the first one, after pouring sugar syrup evenly on the cake slice. After that, put a fox face template on the cake and place black fondant on the nose area and put an oreo biscuit on it. Finish the Fox look by making eyes with the same black fondant and then applying a layer of white fondant following the placement of small oreos as eyeballs and applying orange frosting as Fox’s fur. With the leftover frosting, make flowers on the top of the cake.