Vodka and tequila – the two most popular spirits in America!

For any alcohol to be characterized as a spirit, it must be distilled and contain at least 20 percent Alcohol by Volume (ABV). However, the typical percentage for a spirit is normally about 40 percent. But what most people don’t realize is that there’s much more to these drinks than just ABV percentages and having a good time.

So today, we thought it might be useful for you to understand the characteristics and differences between tequila and vodka. And as always, we’ll also share some exciting drinks for you to try as well!

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For years, vodka has been America’s best-sellingclear water spirit, even though it originated from Russia and Poland.

Originally, manufacturers’ used to process potatoes to make Vodka! However, nowadays, cereal grains such as wheat or rye replaces potatoes; certain popular brands also use rice, corn, fruits, and even sugar.

The process is fairly simple: the starch or grain is fermented using yeast to obtain a liquid with 16 per cent alcohol content. Next, this liquid undergoes distillation to separate water from the alcohol to make it more concentrated.

The first vodka distillery in the United States was Smirnoff, still a favorite brand.

Tantalizing Tequila

Tequila belongs to Mexico and five other regions only, which makes it a more exclusive spirit. The majority of tequila comes from Jalisco, Mexico. This is because tequila must have at least 51 percent Blue/Tequila Agave, spiky giant-sized succulent plants native to Mexico.

The Blue/Tequila Agave takes eight years to mature, after which the manufacturers only use its heart and steam, crush and distill it to produce tequila; discarding the rest of the plant.

Vodka and Tequila – Everything You Need to Know

One of the major differences between vodka and tequila is the raw material it consists of. But there are many other differences as well, which we’ll look at now. 

Health Benefits

Pure tequila made using 100 percent Blue Agave is low in calories, sugar, and carbohydrates.  Many websites claim that tequila should be the preferred drink by people with diabetes, is good for bones, and serves an integral part of weight loss plans. However, there is very little research confirming these health benefits.

Moreover, sincealcohol is processed entirely by the liver, consuming any spirit can result in a drop in blood sugar, along with inhibiting the body’s fat-burning potential.

Also, remember that most tequila is not 100 percent pure Agave, and if you’re drinking tequila as a cocktail rather than a shot, you need to consider the health benefits of the mix.

Bottom Line: tequila might be a decent, low-sugar beverage, but it is not healthy.

Vodka might not contain many calories, carbohydrates, or sugars, but it also doesn’t provide any vitamins, minerals or antioxidants. And all the same concerns with tequila also apply to vodka.

Bottom Line: vodka has no nutritional benefits whatsoever and is not a health drink.

Calories and Sugars

Here’s a general rule to remember with spirits: the higher the ABV percentage, the higher the caloric value.

For alcohol, one gram contains an average of 7 calories. Tequila enthusiasts might claim that tequila contains lesser calories per shot than vodka, but this depends mainly on the alcohol percentage in the shot. 

As for sugars, the fermentation and distillation processes burn all the sugars in both spirits, so neither contains sugar in its pure form.


Both tequila and vodka are relatively well-balanced in which spirit is stronger and will get you drunk quicker.

The average alcohol content for both spirits is 40 percent, although certain vodka alcohol percentages can be as high as 95 percent.

The maximum percentage for tequila is about 60 percent.


Pure tequila made using 100 percent Blue Agave has a very distinct flavor; earthy with a little sweetness.

However, tequila’s taste depends on a few things, such as the percentage of Blue Agave it contains, what’s its age, and its manufacturing region.

The lesser aged the tequila, the cheaper it is, and the stronger it will be. Well-aged tequila takes on several tastes, such as vanilla, caramel, oak, and spices.

Technically, vodka is flavorless, but experienced consumers may notice slight differences in taste depending on what it is made from. For example, old-style colorless potato vodka tastes slightly creamier. However, fruit vodkas have a floral tinge, and rye vodkas feature a fuller, somewhat spicy flavor.


The price largely depends on the quality of the spirit. A reasonable to above-average bottle of vodka or tequila can cost anything from $20 to $30.

However, vodka is generally considered less elite, hence being more popular and less expensive. The most popular ones are within a $25 price range, and some are even in the $40 range.

Vodka and Tequila Drinks

Now that we’ve gotten the basics down check out some delicious recipes featuring these spectacular spirits!

Crab Claws Summer Cocktail

This refreshing cocktail is a must-have this summer season!

Vodka and Tequila Drinks

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 10 people
Calories 810 kcal


  • 1 cup Vodka.
  • 1 cup Rum.
  • 1 cup Tequila.
  • 1 cup Grenadine.
  • 3 cups Orange Juice.
  • 3 cups Pineapple Juice.



  • This recipe makes a large amount (over half a gallon) so make sure you have a large enough container.
  • To make a smaller amount, simply use ½ and 1 ½ cups, respectively. And for even smaller amounts, scale down the recipe further.

Sage Honey Pineapple Blended Cocktail

The sweetness of pineapple and honey with a hint of refreshing sage is just what you need to chill this summer.

Sage Honey Pineapple Blended Cocktail

Prep Time 35 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 4 people
Calories 280 kcal


  • ½ cup Honey.
  • ½ cup Water.
  • 5 springs Sage. Fresh
  • 4 cups Pineapple. Frozen.
  • 4 oz Vodka.
  • 2 oz Lime Juice.
  • ½ cup Ice.



  • In a saucepan, add honey, water, and fresh sage.
  • Heat (medium-high) till the mixture starts bubbling. Reduce to low heat and cook for fifteen minutes.
  • Switch off the heat and let the mixture cool for about 30 minutes. After this, discard sage.
  • To make a smoothie, just blend frozen pineapples, lime juice, vodka, and add 1/4thcup prepared honey syrup.
  • Serve immediately. Garnish toasted sage leaf.

Tips: If you don’t have frozen pineapples, just skin fresh pineapples. Cut the fruit into long slices, then cut them into smaller cubes. Set the cubes in a single layer onto a sheet tray and refrigerate for about 30 to 45 minutes till solid.


    Vodka and tequila alone are powerful spirits, and they can also add an exciting punch to any beverage. If you tried the recipes we suggested, let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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